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2023 Revelations: Shafaudeen Boss Charges Political, Religious Leaders To Take Proactive Steps To Avoid Unpleasantries In New Year
…warns against secessionist agitators, fire outbreak in oil sector
By Ashake Barakat Awojoodu

Prof. Sabit Olagoke Ariyo has released revelations for the year 2023.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that the Founder and Spiritual leader of Shafaudeen in Islam Worldwide,  Prof. Sabit Ariyo Olagoke Jp  has charged the political class to imbibe the culture of tolerance, and focus on the issue of welfare importance, just as he urged religious leaders to imbibe culture of religious harmony to promote peace and be more dedicated to the cause of discipline, love and patriotism to move the nation forward in order to save the country’s democracy.

The Islamic cleric who gave the charge In his 2023 Revelations made available to newsmen in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital,  noted that “good governance is a function of Godly leadership (Q38 vs. 26) and bad governance is a dividend of bad leadership (Daniel 5 vs. 25-28).

“Therefore, divine revelations are predictive for proactive measures in Management, Administration and Rebranding for proper socialization. Correct cultural and ethical value orientation for promotion of integrity, and discipline for all must therefore be put in place to allow divine intervention in revamping our economy, to promote healthy and stable polity, as well as the principle of equity are very much needed” he said.

He warned that the new year would witness threats of secession by one of the agitators but the bid would be prevented from coming to reality if proactive measures are taken.

Prof. Olagoke also assured that the the 2023 general elections will hold despite security challenges and that the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu stands a better chance to emerge victorious over other key contenders.

He said that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential candidate Alhaji Abubakar Atiku’s chances may be hindered by the pressure of internal crises of the party while the popularity of the Labour Party candidate Peter Obi may suffer from the antecedents of the suspicious move of his people, the Igbos into a sudden fall. He added that the outreach of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Rabiu Kwakwanso would be too short to connect across the nation.

He also predicated that specific incidents within the polity such as cross carpeting and blackmail will lead to the fall of some politicians.

According to him, bad economy and brain drain syndrome would be addressed in the new year. He however called for prayers against another stalemate in Education administration in the country.

He foresaw,”traps of insecurity shall be detected and addressed; religious activities shake up shall be experienced; sports shall receive favourable boost but we must guard against sabotage that may frustrate efforts.

“Shake up is imminent in the Aviation industry; there is need to guard against road accidents and breakdown of vehicles on our roads and, prevent fire outbreak from oil sector too.”

Monthly occurrences in 2023 are as presented below:

January, Political party viability varies in strength with people cross carpeting towards the considered fruitful one with likelihood of 2023 Election success.

Economy diversification shall come up as preferred alternative to augment the dwindling mainstay of the economy, the oil sector.

Education plight shall be visited with caution while security issue shall equally be given attention.

There shall be value erosion in the religious sector, Pray against the challenges of setback to Sport, air attack and fire outbreak.

February, Campaign promises shall rend the air with struggle for political party success in the Elections. Clustering of political activities shall be rife.

Rising hope for the people and juicy period for the voters indeed, Pray against fire outbreak in the Transport and Power sector.

March, There shall be futile attempt to create state of no comfort for emerging leader, Attention shall focus on the safety and security need of the people, Favourable month for Sports and Religion rejuvenation but we need to pray against fire outbreak.

April, There shall be cross carpeting from various political parties into the ruling party due to boost in the economy and investment bid. Surveillance network shall be high while cleansing exercise to improve quality and standard of education shall be rife.

There shall be need to resolve challenges of stability in sporting activities in the country, There shall be a dire need to call Government attention to road rehabilitation while we must guard against fire outbreak.

May, Favourable month for democracy to boost the economy, There shall be weeding exercise in the Education sector, effective security network. However, some religious houses shall experience turbulent period, There shall be need to promote Sportsmen and women to the stardom of international and professional recognition. Pray against fire outbreak in the Energy sector.

June, Religion devaluation, Economy resuscitation from comatose state. There shall be success record on security surveillance. Avoid a stale taste in the Education administration. Work against deceptive state of affairs in Sports administration. Some roads shall witness rehabilitation work.

July, Favourable month for sensitization exercise on socio-political, education and economic sectors. Pray against sudden death in religious circle. Be sensitive enough to avoid fire outbreak incidence.

August, Favourable month for state of orderliness in Politics, Economy, Education, Security sector but avoid religious bigotry not to divide the Nation. Be safety conscious to avoid fire outbreak.

September, Security network shall be effective, Work on Education, Economy and Political stability, Profanity and sharp practices in some religious houses shall lead to their collapse. Be safety conscious to avoid fire outbreak.

October, There shall be need to make and complement policies that would check political excesses for government activities to boost the Economy, Education, Sport and Security. Be safety conscious to avoid fire incidence.

November, Guard against sabotage in political administration and governance for government subsystems and machineries of operation to function well

Security concerns shall make a breakthrough. Pray against air mishaps and road accidents in this month.

December, Politicians need to guide against hate speech and overtures that may lead to hire-killing syndrome among themselves to seek redress, Favourable month for the Economy, Education and Security efforts to fair well. Religious sector may experience sharp practices from adherents and her leaders to be unpopular again, making the society to be apathetic towards it.  Unstable state of Sporting activities shall be experienced. Guard against fire outbreak.

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