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The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of FENDINI Homes Limited, Prince Laja Adeoye has advised President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to adopt the Oyo State Government style of Public Private Partnership (PPP) on housing under the leadership of Engr. Seyi Makinde led administration in creating the lasting solution for the lower earners who are struggling to have a befitting and comfortable homes.

Prince Laja gave this advise while addressing journalists during a press conference held at the ongoing Rayfield Garden City Estate, situated at Christopher Adebayo Alao Akala GRA, along Iwo/Ibadan Expressway Ibadan, the Capital City of Oyo state.

Laja also linked the price of building materials to the high cost of housing units across the country.

While addressing the federal government on the need to assist the stakeholders in the building sector in order for them to embark  on a low cost estate for the lower earners in the society, Laja said, “Federal government should support the private sector like ours by investing more in the area of infrastructural development.”

Prince Laja Adeoye the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of FENDINI HOMES LIMITED …

••Mr. Temitope Adeoye the Director of Corporate Public and Marketing ….

He said, “this Rayfield Gardens City Estate is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project with Oyo state Government via OYSIPPA, that is Oyo State Investment Public and Private Agency.”

“Our core mandate is to develop a decent housing estate for the people of Oyo state and the interested people across world.”

“The Federal government should support the private sector like ours by investing more in the area of infrastructural development for instance this Iwo-Osogbo-Ibadan road is a Federal road but it has been taken over by Oyo state government, so they need to support us through investing in infrastructural development because access to where you live is very critical for home buyers and residents, estates like, so when the invest in Infrastructural development we as a stakeholders will complement their efforts by building a low income estate for people that can afford it.”

“The federal government can also partner with federal mortgage banks by injecting more funds into them and make it delibrated for them to give out loans to the civil servants and other people too, all of us known that the cost of materials for building project is very high now in the country and we always consider the cost of production before selling out our homes, it is what we buy that we sell, the federal government should partner with mortgage banks and give them a standing order to partner with the state government like Oyo state so they can develop a mass housing estate for the lower earners.”

“They can support us with provison of lands, and other logistics, as an investors and builders, we will build low housing estates for the masses.Federal government can also subsidize the price of these housing for period of years for the civil servant and they will be living comfortably doing other things as well paying for their homes.”

“The cost of building materials is high, the government need to look into it, because buying the land is just like crossing one of the hurdles in building a house to a particular standard, building is a capital intensive project and it’s because of the current floating and high cost of the building materials we are experiencing that resulted into the higher prices of some housing estate we have around, for instance cement is produced in Nigeria but we are buying it at the expensive rate, government need to critically address this issue.”

“The Federal Government should emulate what the Oyo State government is doing currently by creating more enabling environment for private investors to come and do business with them, for example Rayfield Gardens City Estate is a partnership project with Oyo state government targeting the medium and high income earners, the federal government which is the apex seat of government in the country can also adopt that model and channel it to mass housing for low income earners, once we can have this in place it will be a success for people, it is what they can do, it is doable for both the federal government and the stakeholders like us.” Laja said.

In his contributions, the Director of Corporate Public and Marketing of the company, Mr. Temitope Adeoye said, “Rayfield Garden City Estate is a project that started in 2019.”

Temitope further said, “this is as an idea to build a legacy, and we approached the state government for the approval and we got the approval in June 2020, this is a smart housing development meaning we are going to have uninterrupted power supply, potable water supply and other basic amenities and it is going to be the first of it’s kind in Oyo state.”

While speaking on the uniqueness of the estate, Temitope said, one of the uniqueness of the Rayfield Gardens City Estate is that it’s going to be a mini city where we have designed it to serve as a residential and commercial purposes. The beauty about it is that the estate is situated at the Lagelu Local government axis of Ibadan and Lagelu Local government is one of the industrial hubs we have in around here in Ibadan.”

“So, the estate has two wings the commercials and the residential wing, and the residential wing is planned to have over 400smart houses and for the commercial wing we are going to be having an hotels, such as five, four even three stars hotels in here, shopping malls, offices complex, ATM galleries, banking and recreation centers.We are urging everyone that’s is looking for best when it’s comes to smart houses to come and patronize us, if you need something serene, classic and smart in housing we are ready to meet up with your demand here at Rayfield Gardens City Estate.”

“The state government has mandated us to build houses for members of the public or any interested buyers and that’s why we have different categories of smart houses in here, we have in our system sub developer scheme, where we invite other sub developer that also want to take part in the project and we will assigned them a portion of land to develop and we get that done. This is a PPP project that is Public Private Partner Project between Oyo state and FENDINI Homes limited, so it’s the safest investment anybody can think about either you’re an investor or home owner. ” He said.

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