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Agribusiness: Stakeholders Harp On Revolutionized Agric Sector•••As OOK Farms Launches Radio/TV Station In Ibadan

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Some major stakeholders in agricultural sector has called for revolutionizing of the sector in order to ensure food stability and job opportunities for all and sundry across the length and breadth of the country.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that the stakeholders at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Ibadan during the launch of one of its kind radio and television station (OOK Farms FM/TV) for farmers across the country, stated the need for speedy revolutionize of agric sector.

Speaking with journalists shortly after the launch of the OOK Farms Online Radio/TV Station, the Chief Executive Officer of the OOK Farms, Mrs. Omolara Svensson maintained that there need for speedy revolutionize of the agricultural sector in our country.

Sha said, “All of our orientation need to change, we need to learn and relearn a lot of things because the truth wealth that we have in our country, in Africa as a continent is actually in agriculture.”

While speaking about the importance OOK Radio and TV Station, Omolara said, “One of the major problem we have in the country is the gap of information between the government and the people, the People’s and the farmers, the government and the farmers.”

“So this platform intends to bridge that gap, bringing the right information, timely right information from government to the people, from government and to the farmers, from farmers to the people.”

“Every one is our target audience, of you wake up in the morning you will eat, you are our target, you wear clothes, you are our target, when you need to go to the hospital, you are our target.Remember the medication given to you in the hospital is actually food, food is medicinal, so every human being is our target.”

“Everyone in agribusiness value chain, this station is for them but is not limited to them because as I said earlier, agriculture is the reason for existence and sustenance of human race, and of course the civilization we are experiencing now. I want to charge farmers to work together, we strength in our numbers, agriculture, agribusiness in everywhere in the world is a job that requires numbers as strength is in our numbers.” She said.

In his words, the immediate past Executive Adviser to Governor Makinde on Agribusiness, Dr. Debo Akande said, “The facts remain that the generation that are engaged in agriculture now, they are above the age of 65 probably even 70, my generation below the age 75 to 45 in agriculture you only have snippet of them very low percentage of them that engage in agriculture.If those old generation faded away, and there is no other coming-in, what is going to happen, it is major danger for us in a country.”

“Once you don’t have what Dr. Femi Adesina described as a food sovereignty then there is a problem. Any of sovereignty without food is problem, if you cannot produce your own food that you are eating by yourself at least by a percentage, that is why for Oyo state government, one of the major focus is to see how best we can support, whether as a training or capacity development, entrepreneur support in agriculture and Agribusiness.”

“If we want a better result, I mean a different result from the usual ones we’ve been having in the last 30 years, the we need holistic approach towards the way we do things, and that is what exactly Oyo state government is doing, Seyi Makinde led administration has been providing that enabling environment for investors to thrive.”

“The younger generation below the age of 45 to 55 need to see how they can do things in a mechanize and modernize ways, and that is what the state government is currently doing, the state government is creating that enabling environment for them to practice modern farming, how do you expect the young ones to join in the agricultural business if what your are still using are holes and cutlasses, how do you expect the young people to get into agriculture, if the roads they will ply to the farm are bad, how do you expect them to go into agriculture if there is no network, how do you expect them to get into agriculture if where they are going is not well secured?”

“Governor kept on saying we are building the foundation, the solid foundation and whosoever come next would find it easier than the way we met it and that is exactly what is doing in building the road across the agrarian area in the state. He is ensuring that some of this private sectors are been driven in the state, this mean that we have a lot of opportunity.” Akande said.

Earlier in his welcome address, the General Manager of the OOK Farms Radio and TV online station, Mr. Charles Alade said, I’m thrilled to stand before you today as we celebrate the launch of O.O.K Farms Online TV and Radio. This momentous occasion marks the beginning of a new chapter in the world of agriculture-focused media. With great enthusiasm, we have created a platform that will not only entertain and inform but also foster a deep appreciation for the vital role that agriculture plays in our lives.”

“O.O.K Farms Online TV and Radio is a celebration of the rich tapestry of agriculture, an industry that has been the backbone of human existence, survival and most importantly civilization since time immemorial. Through our content, we aim to showcase the extraordinary achievements, challenges, and innovations in the agricultural world, inspiring a renewed sense of respect and admiration for those who work tirelessly to feed our growing population.”

“Our programming will be a captivating blend of informative documentaries, compelling interviews, engaging talk shows, and exciting adventures into the world of farming. We will bring you stories of resilience and determination, highlighting the unsung heroes who toil under the sun, tending to the earth and nurturing crops and livestock. It is through their unwavering dedication that we have food on our tables and sustenance for our communities.” He said.

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