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A Yoruba traditional worshipper, who is the General Secretary of the Traditional Religion Worshippers Association of Oyo State and founder, Olodumare’s Temple of Light International, Dr. Fayemi Fakayode has said that the mistake made by late Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther by naming Esu as Satan while translating the English Bible to Yoruba has cost African traditionalists their true identity.

He said the wrong stereotype has been carried across centuries and led to wrongful discrimination, killing and unjust disposition of other religions towards Yoruba traditional religion adherents.

Fakayode said this at the 2023 annual Esu festival tagged “Walk For Esu” at Alade Town, Old Oyo Road, Ibadan, the Capital City of Oyo State where Isese worshippers gathered to celebrate after a sensitization campaign rally around major areas in Ibadan.

He stated that the campaign was meant to correct the error made by the late Bishop Ajayi Crowther, a freed slave of Yoruba descent, who later became an Anglican Bishop and was given the task of translating the Bible to Yoruba language.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate Esu, one of the most industrious of all Yoruba deities and who unfortunately was misconstrued to be of the same character with the Bible’s Satan.

“The sensitization rally, which has been on across the world for years is meant to change the stereotype caused by the Crowther’s mistake and restore the deserving respect that should be accorded Esu by all and sundry, an effort which we have seen is achieving success.

“Esu is a deity that Yorubas believe has always blessed them with good things as a messenger of God, he is not vile and bad as being characterized by the people of foreign religions,” Fakayode pointed.

The event culminated in a public lecture titled “Esu: The Wealth of The Society”, which was delivered by Chief Fakayode Olaonipekun, a traditionalist based in Ibadan.

Olaonipekun mentioned that Esu and Satan are two separate entities, adding that the Yoruba’s Esu has no equivalence in any other religion.

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