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Two students of All Saints’ College, Ibadan, has received an award of exceptional performance from African Professionals of Australia for their outstanding performance in their Senior Secondary School examination.

The awardees Bridget Adaramola and Kanyinsola Joseph, were presented with the award by representative of African Professionals of Australia in Nigeria, Mrs Olajumoke Akere in Ibadan.

Akere, who is also the Director of JSAY Prevarsity, commended the college and the students for their discipline, dedication and hardwork.

She said that discipline must be the bedrock of any individual or organisation that want to achieve success in their endeavour, adding that people must be discipline in order to achieve their goals.

•••Another awardee, been presented with an award of exceptional performance by representative of African Professionals in Australia, Mrs Olajumoke Akere…
••Mrs Olajumoke Akere, presenting an award to representative of All Saints’College student..

“If you are not discipline you can not tell people to do the right thing and you may not be able to achieve your goals.

“It is not possible to achieve your goals without discipline, I appreciate this school because they are doing so much and I want to say all the students here are in right place,” she said.

She called on the students of the college to maximise the great opportunity they had and not to misuse it.

“At JSAY Prevarsity we look for organisations that support students and so African Professionals in Australia is one of such organisations that support students.

“So, we recommend All Saint College, Ibadan and students deserve to be awarded to them.

“JSAY Prevarsity has earlier given the awardees scholarship and so the award given by African Professionals in Australia is an additional award to that of JSAY Prevarsity,” Akere said..

Akere said that the organisation would be working to ensure that the awardees achieve their academic goals and exposed them to programmes that would assist them as they move forward in their academic pursuit.

She called on students to always work hard and do their best,saying they have what it takes to excel in their academic.

“Make up your mind that you want to be part of success story here in All Saint College and i pray God will crown your efforts to do your best.’ she said.

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