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Passionately, I want to thumb-up the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde, why? It is the most listening in the state political administration history.

Two months ago, I presented my progressive and developing oriented opinions to the governor titled” Reviewing ministries under Seyi Makinde against 2.0″ and ” Setting agenda for Makinde’s 2.0″ and later regarding the governor a superb magician ” Seyi Makinde and Magic Hands”, all of these for the case of Makinde’s performative delivery in his second term.

Obviously,I have got the need to emphasize that the formalization of intended to re-create Ministry of Tourism and Culture became feasible as from when amongst the sixteen sworn-in commissioners last Tuesday 26th July at the Executive Chambers office of the state governor, an experienced culture and tourism expertise and as well Makinde’s first term commissioner,Dr. Wasiu Olatunbosun was named driver of the Tourism and Culture in the state. Since then, joy has been filling the heart of everyone in the state, believing there will be positive delivery in the hand of the commissioner. We wish more wisdom, and knowledge for the appointees.

Meanwhile, my findings have indicated that apart from Tourism,being a proposed concentrated centre of economy boost in the second term of Makinde, countries and nations such as United Kingdom,United States of America,Brazil, Germany, Spain and recently, Saudi Arabia have concentrated in Sports, being poly-entries.

With the statistics of the 2023/2024 funds spent on transfer window by Saudi Arabians on players from across major leagues including the Premier League, La Liga, French Ligue, Bundesliga, all is for popularity and attraction to better flying players which undoubtedly will enable the world switch to her apart from its religious tourism platform “Hajj”-annual pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia is really ready for an economic change globally! The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Riyadh Marez, Roberto Firmino,Edouard Mendy ,Kalidou Koulibaly, Ngolo Kante on its soil will sell her to the world, while more investments will hit her with infrastructural development and rural-urban development.

My brilliant governor, it will interest us to have a transformational revolutionary of Sport in the state. With the ready remodelled #5.05billion Lekan Salami Adamasingba, Oyo State could make better revenue from Sport if effort is made in this direction. There are several features of sport including skateboarding, cycling, wrestling, gymnastics, football, aerobics,athletics among others, which can individually help to raise talents from the local and urban councils through their participations and as well label the state for visit by tourists and spectators from far and near in the country while the OluyoleFC and Three Crowns FC be re-engineered for legacy building, we trust you,sir!

In conclusion, it will be too remarkable if a sport enthusiast is appointed to the Ministry of Youth and Sport, as it appears nomination is yet to be made formal for commissioner-nominees to the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Ministry of Health for a development and economy boost of our dear state.
Up Oyo State and Nigeria!

Olawale Ogunbusola who is a broadcast journalist, author and public affairs analyst, writes from Ibadan

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