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By Ganiyat Ogunlakin, IBADAN 



The President of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide(CAC), Pastor Henry Ojo, has advised President Bola Tinubu to revive the economy of the country in order to curb the insecurity challenges threatening the unity of Nigeria as nation.

Pastor Henry Ojo also urged President Tinubu to lead the country with fear of God, courage and resolve to lift the country from the backstage position to posterity.

Speaking with journalists in Ibadan at the CAC Arogungbogunmi Cathedral, Olomi/Olunde Axis of Ibadan, Oyo State, during the Freedom Festival 2023 Conference and Convention the CAC President Worldwide, Pastor Ojo lamented over the current state of the nation.

He said, “I want to use this medium to encourage our president that he should not be discouraged. Whatever strength, knowledge and ability that God has given to him should be used to make Nigeria a better place.”

“I’m of the opinion that if the president can revive the economy of this country, it will go a long way in addressing all the insecurity challenges we are facing as a nation, though insecurity is a global phenomenon, but in Nigeria, our state of economy contribute a lot to the insecurity challenges we are having, most of these perpetrators are committing crimes due to one reason or the other, though we cannot justify their reasons with their actions, but I think if our economy is revived by the government, it will surely curb the security threat we are having in the country.”

“For instance, what I’m saying can be link to what Chief Obafemi Awolowo said, the late Sage said the children of the poor that should have been cared for but neglected are the ones that would create problems for the country in future, and is this not what happening now?

“In time past, murder was a grievous offence. Nowadays, we hear news of some criminal elements selling human head for as low as N20,000. There is no fear of God because the people are frustrated. The youth, especially, are frustrated.

“We are praying that God should help our leaders. It is not too late for Nigeria to be redeemed.We can still retrace our steps to the right path. God will help us.”

“I want to use this medium to encourage our president that he should not be discouraged. Whatever strength, knowledge and ability that God has given to him should be made good use of to make Nigeria to become a better place. Someone will cause problem and someone else will bring the solution, I pray that President Tinubu will be the solution to Nigerian problems.

“Let us pray for the peace of this country. I said sometimes that if there was no war in the world, the world would be a better place to live. If you look at the Nigeria budget 2024, you will see the budget earmarked for the military to tackle insecurity challenges, If you pull the budget for security together, if you invest it to agriculture and job creation, nobody would have been jobless.”

“God created the world with the purpose that we should live in peace but we created problem for ourselves. Whatever thing that is happening in Nigeria and the world today is a sign of the end time. The scripture cannot be broken.” Pastor Ojo said.

While speaking on the theme of the Freedom Festival 2023 Conference and Convention, “Arogungbogunmi above all other gods, Exodus 7:12,” the General Overseer of CAC Arogungbogunmi International, General Evangelist, Prophet Richard Adebayo Kolawole, stated that the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is at hand.

In his prophecies for the year 2024 Prophet Richard declared that “The Lord said we should use praises to open the door of year 2024. Hence, ministers of God should organize praises in their various churches or ministries.”

Prophet Richard in his prophecies further said, “All Christians should join hands in praying to God for the success of year 2024. All ministries or churches which have deviated from preaching the gospel to monetize or commercialize the churches or ministries, God said He will visit them with His wrath and vengeance and God will set his people free from their bondages and shackles.”

“God’s generals on earth and not in heaven will surely die by the visitation of God’s wrath and vengeance. Thus says the Lord. God said the first three month of year 2024 will be difficult but God will surely see his own people through, no matter the turbulence.

“God said the government and leaders in the position of authority should find means of curbing the shedding of innocent blood because the blood of the innocents are crying for vengeance.

“God said he is out to deal with the leaders of this country if they turn deaf ears to the cry of the poor, He will visit them with untimely death and terminal diseases. However after the three months there is light at the end of the tunnel if government does the needful.God said there are a lot of saboteurs within the Nigerian security personnel and high level of ethnicity ties, tribalism and nepotism.

“God said if President Tinubu will revive the economy of this country, he should be ready to touch the untouchables and move the immovables.”

He said that God made him to know that Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state will perform better than he did in his first term in office, “so let us continue to pray for him.”

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