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•••Constitutes New Nigeria Movement To Chart Course


The Yoruba Socio – Cultural group, known as Council Of Yoruba Elders, CYE has blamed former President Muhammadu Buhari and his successor, President Bola Tinubu for the current hardship in the country just as it renewed clamor for the excavation and implementation of the 2014 Constitutional Conference Report.

The group in a press statement tagged” The Practical Begining Of The Journey To The Restructuring Of Nigeria” issued and singed by it’s Secretary General, Dr. Victor Taiwo, accused ex- president Buhari of “ineptitude at governance which allowed for massive, unrestricted, brazen, boundless plundering of the economy from the Olympian height to the depth of Erebus right under his nose by virtually all his aides and appointees with all impunity and without the lifting of a berating finger.”

“They did not stop at the total plundering of the reserves of the country, they went further to mortgage the future of the citizens of the country and the generations yet unborn via lunatic indebtedness which are 40 years ahead of us staking our yet untapped resources”he added.

It also took a swipe at President Bola Tinubu for hastily removing fuel subsidy without proper research which compelled the prices of petroleum products to jump up by over 300%.

The group lamented that since the announcement of the removal of fuel subsidy during his inauguration, the country has slumped into economic crises with the loop effect circulating around and percolating through all commercial activities which transformed into hyper-inflation, currency devaluation, resurgence of insecurity and other vices.

It noted however, that the decadence in the country as engineered by misrule and corruption is an accumulation of rots being heaped on the country by her various leaders since independence.

Speaking further on the the 2014 CONFAB conducted by the government of President Goodluck Jonathan but which was ignominiously swept under the carpet by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, the CYE demanded an appraisal and adoption of the report in the interest of the country.

The CYE said it has put in place a body known as New Nigeria Movement comprising leaders drawn from across the country with a focus on the pursuit of an Independent National Conference.

“We are practically out to instigate a serious conversation in the socio-political sphere of Nigeria such as will generate the steam to ignite all the geographical zones of this country into coming to terms with stark reality and beginning to chart new courses for the respective nationalities of the country.”

“Today Nigeria’s general structures have collapsed like a pack of cards. The country is fast being driven to a cul-de-sac, a grand halt. Today nothing is practically working in Nigeria. The citizens are currently battling with the acute menace of starvation, hyper-inflation, naira currency floating, unemployment, collapse of industries, education coma, health jaundice, electricity flight, kidnapping, ritual killings, armed robbery, insecurity and general poverty in the land. And come to think of it, there seems to be no hope in the horizon.

The CYE recommended two modalities of restructuring namely, national and internal restructuring.The national restructuring, it said will focus on galvanizing people from the six geo-political zones of the country, put in place a national outfit to organize an Independent National Conference, excavate the 2014 CONFAB report and thoroughly study the content to see if it can guarantee our further working relationship in the country or else we fashion out another feasibility study.

The other, which is internal restructuring , aims at re-definning the regional geography of Yorubaland.

“Either of two things – let the country be peacefully dissolved like in the experience of the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia or we restructure the country without further procrastination. But coming to terms with the adopted agenda of this organization Council of Yoruba Elders, the restructuring exercise is our focus.” It stated.

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