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Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Oyo State Command has assured Nigerians, most especially the residents of the state of adequate security of lives and property before, during and after the Christmas and New Year day celebration.

Knowing fully well that the month of December is synonymous with festivities and a heightened pursuit of financial gains often leading to increase insecurity, NSCDC Oyo State Command, under the leadership of the state Commandant, Dr. Micheal Akintayo Adaralewa has expressed the readiness of his personnel towards ensuring a hitch-free yuletide period.

While reinforcing its commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment for residents and visitors in Oyo State, Dr. Michael Akintayo Adaralewa, has directed all Divisional Officers in the state to deploy their personnel to strategic locations, ensuring a visible and effective security presence throughout Oyo State.

He noted that over 2,500 personnel will be deployed to places such as markets, parks, highways and other public places, to ensure effective visibility and patrol, stressing that the command is taking this proactive to safeguard public spaces, maintain peace and order and attend to emergencies before, during and after the yuletide period.

Commandant Adaralewa made this known through a press statement signed by the Public Relations Officer of the Command, DSC Samuel Olubanjo Opebiyi.

A copy of the statement made available to Naijanewshub in Ibadan the Capital City of Oyo State on Thursday stated that the NSCDC Oyo Command has implemented a series of robust measures to enhance security across the state.

Adaralewa through the statement further stated that measures are aimed at safeguarding the lives and properties of the people during the Yuletide period.

According to the statement, the State Commandant in a bid to stay ahead of potential security threats, intensifying its focus on actionable intelligence gathering. This involves the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of relevant informations to identify and neutralize potential security risks before they materialize.

The statement further stated that State Command recognizes that timely and accurate intelligence is pivotal in formulating effective security strategies. By staying proactive in intelligence gathering, the Command aims to identify and address potential threats, contributing significantly to the overall safety and security of the state during the festive season.

Recognizing the critical role that infrastructure plays in the stability and development of the state, NSCDC, Oyo State Command is placing a heightened focus on the protection of vital assets.

Key infrastructures such as power facilities, transportation networks, communication networks and other public assets will receive increased security measures. By securing these infrastructures, the Command seeks to guarantee the continued functionality of essential services, contributing to a stable and secure environment throughout the festive season.

The State Commandant, Dr. Michael Akintayo Adaralewa has deployed the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) to key areas across the state. These highly trained personnel are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to detect and respond effectively to potential terrorist threats. The deployment of the Counter Terrorism Unit underscores the commitment to preemptive measures against any form of extremist threats, augmenting the overall security framework of the state during the festive period.

With the onset of the dry season, the NSCDC, Oyo State Command will also focus on disaster management initiatives, particularly fire accidents. The Command has trained and equipped its Disaster Management Unit, to respond swiftly and effectively to any fire outbreaks or other emergencies. The Command will sensitized the public on fire safety measures and precautions, such as avoiding bush burning, storing flammable materials properly, discouraging the use of fireworks and having fire extinguishers handy.

To complement these efforts, the State Command will conduct an aggressive public awareness campaign on security this December, utilizing available means including social media platforms. This campaign aims to educate and empower the public to actively participate in maintaining security and promptly report any suspicious activities to the nearest security personnel. The NSCDC, Oyo State Command believes that the collective efforts of the community are essential in achieving a secure environment for all.

NSCDC, Oyo State Command recognizes the importance of collaboration and partnerships in ensuring effective security. The Command will work closely with other law enforcement agencies, local communities, and private organizations to pool resources and expertise in achieving its objectives of a safe December.

As we work towards a safe December, the NSCDC Oyo State Command emphasizes the role of the public in maintaining security. We urge residents and visitors to remain vigilant, promptly report any suspicious activities to the nearest security personnel, and cooperate fully with security agencies. We reiterate our commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment throughout December. We believe that collective efforts are essential in achieving a secure community, and together, we can overcome any challenges that may arise.

The NSCDC, Oyo State Command remains dedicated to the overall well-being of the people, and we strive to uphold the highest standards of public safety and security. We wish everyone a happy and peaceful December.

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