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The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja has stated that the need for Divisions Training Officers (DTOs) to devote attention to enhancement of realism in training is critical and deserves to be given priority attention.

He made this statement during the 3 days Division Training Officers week which took place at the 2 Division Auditorium, Adekunle Fajuyi Cantonment, Ibadan from 17th to 19th January, 2024.

The program which centered around the crucial theme ‘Maintaining Training Standard Through Objective Planning And Reporting’ brought together diverse audience of division training officers, unit commanders, and trainers showcases the divisions’ commitment to elevating its training standard with a keen emphasis on practical and comprehensive approach marking a momentous occasion in military training excellence.

The COAS who was represented by the Chief of Training (Army), Major General Sani Mohammad, stated that training realism is one of the key measures of training effectiveness. He said that one of the major objectives of the training was to sensitize Training Officers across the Divisions, on the approves NA training directives.

The General Officer Commanding, 2 Division NA, Major General Bamidele Alabi, during his welcome address, urged the participants to be free and objective while expressing their opinions and ideas during the event; adding that it would aid in achieving the objectives of the training. He encouraged them to make maximum use of the training opportunities to understand the dynamics of adequate preparation and planning of training activities for troops.

Major General Mohammed Etsu – Ndagu, who delivered the first lecture, titled “Sensitization on NA Training Directive 2024”, emphasized on the need to adhere strictly to the directives as stipulated and ensure strict compliance by troops. Similarly, the second lecture, which was on Conduct of Wargaming was delivered by Brigadier General Olufemi Dada Rtd.

While speaking on the lecture for the second day titled “Sensitization and Lessons Learnt”, the resource person, Brigadier General Adiyu Aminu provided the Division Training Officers with insight into a robust framework for lessons learnt, covering an array of topics like learning theories, critical thinking, problem-solving, elements of thought, the reasoning cycle, and the unique format for capturing lessons learned in the Nigerian Army, among others. Underscoring the significance of drawing insights from past experiences, he highlighted the imperative to adapt to the ever-changing operations landscape.

With a focus on the application of learned processes, he eloquently stated that ‘learning starts at birth and ends at death,’ emphasizing a lifelong commitment to knowledge acquisition.

His lecture further shed light on the pivotal role of lessons learned processes in cultivating resilient and adaptive military forces, crucial for navigating the complexities of contemporary operational challenges.

Also delivering his lecture, Brigadier General Amos Egbejule spoke on the ‘Guides on Conduct of After Action Review’ where he positively impacted DTOs by offering valuable guidance on enhancing methodologies through thorough review processes. Stressing the pivotal role of these reviews in the learning and adaptation process, he ensures that lessons from each training exercise are systematically captured and integrated into future planning leading to a more efficient military force. General Egbejule further highlighted the use of critical tools for analyzing army operations, emphasizing the continuous improvement and effectiveness of military strategies.

Additionally, Brigadier General Olasukanmi Olaloye Rtd shared his ideas on the theme titled “Building Resilience in Soldiers: Mental and Physical Conditioning Strategies”. With a profound understanding of the distinctive challenges faced by soldiers in their line of duty, he underscored the significance of resilience. He further provided a thorough exploration of the subject, emphasizing the pivotal role that resilient and well-conditioned soldiers play in enhancing the overall effectiveness of military operations. Likewise, he offered a thorough and insightful explanation of the aspects linked to fostering resilience concerning both mental and physical conditioning.

The third day saw the presentation made by Major General Williams Etuk on the topic “Effective Training Documentation and Reporting: Ensuring Accountability and Accuracy” where he emphasized on the pivotal role that accurate and comprehensive training document play in the overall readiness and effectiveness of military operations.

He further stressed that meticulous documentation is essential for informed decision-making, after training analysis, and continuous improvement within the armed forces. Also, the importance of accountability in training documentation was underscored. Major General Etuk highlighted that accountability ensures that the information recorded accurately reflects the training activities, allowing for a transparent and reliable record. He also emphasized the need for officers to take ownership of their documentation responsibilities to uphold the integrity of the training process.

Each of the lectures were marked with engaging discussions and collaboration activities that facilitated networking amongst Division Training Officers. This collaborative environment allowed officers to share best practices, exchange ideas, and build professional connection fostering a sense of unity and purpose amongst the participants.

As the training concluded, The representative of the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Jamiu Jimoh summed up the lectures and expressed his appreciation to the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja for approving the training week and releasing everything necessary to make the week a success.

He commended the commitment displayed by the DTOs and mentioned that the outcome of the program is expected to resonate in future training exercise, shaping the division’s effectiveness for diverse operational scenarios.

Several awards were presented to Officers in recognition of their exceptional performance and contribution throughout the Division Officers Training week. The award ceremony served a moment of pride and motivation for the recipients, reinforcing the significance of dedication and excellence in military service.

The 2024 Division Training Officers Week stood as a testament to the Nigerian Army’s dedication to excellence and its ongoing efforts to equip its officers with the skills and knowledge needed for effective operations.

Highpoints of the event were the presentation of lectures, interactive session and presentation of souvenirs.

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