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Duchess International Hospital, Ikeja, has continued to record landmark clinical procedures and treatments in a variety of medical and surgical specialties since it opened its doors to patients in October 2021.

The hospital, which commenced its cardiac (“open-heart”) surgery programme in earnest in the middle of 2023 with a total of 31 open-heart surgery procedures in the course of the year, convened a special press briefing to announce the successful completion of two complex paediatric surgery operations in children aged 12 years and 5 months old respectively.

On the 2nd of November 2023, a combined team of cardiac surgeons, cardiac anaesthetists, specialised theatre nurses, perfusionists and intensive care specialists led by Dr Onyekwelu Nzewi and Professor Bode Falase successfully performed an aortic root replacement for an unusually large (8cm) aneurysm (dilatation) of the ascending aorta in Precious Kolajo, a young girl aged 12 years old.

Precious is the youngest person ever to have an aortic root replacement successfully done in Nigeria.
Similarly, a 5-month-old (twin) infant (“Baby M”) was successfully operated upon to close a large congenital ventricular septal defect (a “hole in the heart”) on the 27th of February 2024.

*L-R: Felix Kolajo, his daughter and corrective heart surgery patient, Precious Kolajo; Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Dr Michael Sanusi; Chief Executive Officer, Duchess Hospital, Dr Adetokunbo Shitta-Bey and Mrs Fatimat Olalere, mother of Baby M, another corrective heart surgery patient at a briefing to announce the landmark open-heart surgeries of 13 year-old Precious and 5-month-old Baby M at Duchess International Hospital, Ikeja…

Baby M, who weighed just 3.4kg at the time of surgery has gained an additional 11kg since the operation was performed three weeks ago. This extremely delicate surgical operation was also performed by Dr Michael Sanusi, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon and his team at the Duchess International Hospital.

Both Precious and Baby M were physically present with their parents at the special press briefing held at the Duchess International hospital on the 15th of March 2024. Precious has since returned to full time school. Baby M has also been discharged home with his parents, having made full recovery from the open-heart surgery operation.

Commenting on this landmark achievement, the Chief Executive Officer of the Duchess International Hospital, Dr Adetokunbo Shitta-Bey said – “Today, we are redefining the meaning of success. It is not enough simply to conduct these operations. It is vitally important that the patients actually survive.

Here before us are two patients who have survived complex surgical procedures and able to return to their normal lives, a fitting testament to the excellent facilities and skilled personnel we have at the Duchess International Hospital and our commitment to deliver safe and affordable access to world-class healthcare to all Nigerians.”

He further remarked, “We will continue to push the boundaries of specialised emergency and complex medical care to reverse the trend of medical tourism abroad and deliver the fastest, most convenient access to the best medical expertise available anywhere in the world.”

Speaking on the two successful surgical operations, Dr Sanusi said he was pleased to work with a team of highly accomplished specialist professionals to give the hope of a normal life to both children and their parents.

He commended the cutting-edge technology and medical facilities provided at the Duchess International Hospital, a significant and enabling factor in ensuring the medical team achieve a consistent and high rate of success.

Mr Felix Kolajo, father of 12-year-old Precious, said he was “absolutely elated” to see his daughter who at the height of her illness was fainting regularly and unable to walk fast or do domestic chores, bounce back to life. He said, “We almost lost her. The burden has now been lifted and despondency has given way to a hope of living a fulfilling life unencumbered by any form of infirmity.”

Mr Jamal Olalere, father of 5-month-old Baby M also commended the team at Duchess International Hospital for their professionalism and excellent care, which he said helped to save his twin boy’s life.

Both sets of parents expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Duchess International Hospital for giving their children “a new lease of life.”

Duchess Hospital, Ikeja is a 100-bed state-of-the-art multi-specialist hospital located in the heart of Ikeja GRA.

The 5th floor of the hospital is equipped with a dedicated Cardiac Centre and highly specialised facilities for cardiac catheterisation and angioplasty, dedicated cardiac theatre for open-heart surgery and a wide range of specialised services and equipment for advanced cardiac investigations and non-invasive diagnostics and treatment.

Duchess International Hospital officially opened its doors on the 22nd of October 2021. Since its opening, the hospital has successfully conducted several complex surgical procedures in a variety of clinical specialties.

In July 2022, former Vice-President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo successfully underwent surgery to his right femur at the Duchess International Hospital.

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