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Eid-el Fitr: Let’s Be More United Against Those Weaponizing Religion To Divide Us–Makinde’s Aide, Wale Ajani Tells Muslims


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The Director Genreal, Oyo state Liaison Office in Abuja and Lagos, Wale Ajani has felicitated with Muslim faithful across the state on the occasion of the 2023 Eid-el Fitr celebration.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that the Ona-Ara born governor’s aide urges Muslims to reflect deeply on the teachings of Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) as entrenched in the holy Quran especially in relation to religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

In an Eid-el Fitr felicitation message by Ajani on Friday morning which was obtained by our correspondent, the pioneer president of the National Youths Council (NYC) disclosed that the youths remain the future of Nigeria regardless of the political dynamics in the country which still militate against them taking their rightful place.

He notes that if over 70 percent of the nation’s youthful population would stop yielding to those who always sought to use religion as a divisive political tool for pecuniary gains, Nigeria’s political challenges would have been half solved.

He explained that the way and manner Muslim faithful conducted themselves throughout the holy month of Ramadan was commendable especially in showing love, compassion and empathy to one another regardless of religious affiliations clearly gives the understanding that the nation understands and knows what is right.

He however, appealed to Muslim across the state and the nation to not allow the lessons of Ramadan to vanish after the Salah celebration stressing the need for sustained peaceful coexistence among all religious faiths in the society as it forms the bedrock upon which real development can be attained.

“My hearty felicitation is to all our Muslim brothers and sisters across all the geopolitical zones in Oyo state on this auspicious occasion of 2023 Eid-el Fitr celebration. We’re very grateful to God for his grace and mercy upon us.

“This celebration, despite all the politicization of religion prior to the 2023 general elections has again proved that we can not do without each other as a people, as a state, and as a nation.

“This was clearly demonstrated throughout the holy month of Ramadan by our Muslim brothers and sisters, and if what was right was clearly put to practice during the holy month because of the demands the special month placed on our shoulders, then it clearly shows whatever we choose to do contrary to these Islamic tenets after this celebration was entirely pecuniary.

“It is therefore, very imperative that we shun all forms of political tendencies from any quarters that seek to weaponized religion to create disaffection among us for political gains and I believe with the right mindset, Nigerians, especially the dominating youthful population can start to make a bold statement with this and start to chart a new course for our continuous peaceful coexistence.” Ajani said.

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