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Fuel Subsidy Removal: Tinubu Will Take Us To Promise Land, Support Him With Prayers, Maharaj Ji Tells Nigerians


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Founder and spiritual leader of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji has on Saturday condemned Nigerians who are criticizing President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over the removal of fuel subsidy.

Sat Maharaj Ji also noted that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is capable of leading the country to the promise land.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that Maharaj Ji in a press conference at his village along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ibadan the Capital City of Oyo state admitted that there is no doubt that the announcement of removal of fuel subsidy has been affecting Nigerians due to the fact that the prices of some essential commodities, most especially the food stuffs in the market have skyrocketed.

Maharaj Ji in his words noted that people need to endure so they can enjoy at long run.

He said, “it is too early to criticize President Tinubu over his action on removal of fuel subsidy, Tinubu has identified that the money on subsidy are going into the private purse of some few Nigerians over the years and this cannot continue, it has to stop for Nigeria to move forward.”

“Tinubu is the right choice for us at this crucial time, we need to give him enough time to operate, those criticizing him now will later praise him for his action.”

“Tinubu mean well for Nigeria, you can see all his actions since few days in office now, he has been performing wonderfully well, just few days in office he has beamed his searchlight in some sectors and you can see what is happening, some people have been suspended, some will still join them, people are now hailing him for his action, people are now seeing the difference in him and the past administrations.”

“Nigerians are always quick to react to things, what we need to do now is to support President Tinubu with our prayers, we don’t need to start creating confusion for him at this early days of his administration, leave him to operate and do the necessary things that will move our country forward.”

“President Tinubu is capable of making Nigeria a better place, what he needs is our supports, he will take us to the next level, we need to support him, not criticizing him.”

“You can see he has been appointing best brains that will work with him, it is not hard for him to identify the best brains that will teamwork with him to make the country great, he’s known for that, with time, he will take us to the promise land.” Maharaj Ji said.

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