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The Coalition of Muslim Organizations, CMO, in Oyo state have called on the international community led by the United Nations to prevail on Israel with a view to stopping bombings and other civilian enclaves in Palestine.

This call formed part of the declaration as presented by Professor Modiu Durowoju during the solidarity rally at Iwo-Road intersection, Ibadan.

Professor Durowoju, who explained that the CMO’ s declarations was sequel to deliberations and careful study of the ongoing war in Palestine, also urged the United Nations to lead efforts at creating humanitarian corridors, ensure aid and relief packages have access into Gaza and other places, as well as lifting of siege of Gaza as part of ceasefire and peace process.

The CMO according to Professor Durowoju also called on the International Court of Criminal Justice, ICC, Hague to begin the prosecution of war crimes committed by Israel during the ongoing war and previous violations of extant international law such as failure to protect the people under its occupation as written in the Geneva Convention.

He said the organization demanded from the international community led by the United Nations, UN retrieval of the peace process from the monopoly of the United States which has become part of the Israeli occupation machinery.

“We call on the Arab League, The African Union, and other regional governments to exert pressure that will change the apartheid character of the Zionist state of Israel and make it conform to international laws and norms”, he stated.

In an opening remark during the peaceful rally, the Chief Imam of Organization of Thadomunul Muslimeen, OTM mosque, Adogba, Ibadan, Alhaji Abdulkabeer Muhammadul-awal said the gathering which aligned with global advocacy for protection of human rights and freedom for the oppressed as taught in Islam.

Imam Muhammadul-awal maintained that the need for peace in Palestine has to do with history, creed and act of worship, hence the imperative for Muslim to support the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

In a keynote address, the grand Mufti, Conference of Islamic Organizations, CIO, Dr Dhikrullai Shafi’ called on Arab nations to cut diplomatic ties with Israel and support Palestine with allied forces and open their borders for easy passage of food, water, drugs and other aids for the oppressed women and children in Gaza.

According to him, “Israel came into being 75 years ago, before 1948 there was no nation called Israel; it is a product of the United States connivance with the United Nations, following the Berlin conference and aftermath of the Second World War”.

A lecturer at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Osun State University, Okuku campus, Dr Usamat Olalere appealed to the United Nations to implement the 2-states resolution on Palestine to ensure peace.

The Dawah Missioner for Jannata Islamiyya Association of Nigeria, Oyo state chapter, Ustaz Luqman Gbadamosi called on Muslims to boycott all Israeli products to weaken their financial power to prosecute ongoing war against the Palestinians.

The Ameer, Federation of Ahlus-Sunnah in Nigeria, FASON, Sheikh Tajudeen Al-adabi represented by the Ameer Sunnah, Ijebu-Igbo, Ustaz Miftaudeen Hamzat, while praying for the victory for Palestine reaffirmed that the oppressed will be victorious as divinely ordained.

The Chief Missioner, Muslim Community of Oyo State, MUSCOY, Dr Daud Amoo-Alaga pointed out that Islam is a global faith which teaches that suffering or injury to one affects other faithful.

Highlights of the peaceful rally included recitation of the glorious Qur’an, rendition of poetry for the triumph of Palestine, prayers for peace in Palestine and Nigeria and orderly procession to OTM mosque, Adogba, Ibadan.

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