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Kajola LG Councillors Suspend Chairman, Borikansuwon Over Alleged Misappropriation Of Funds

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The executive Chairman of Kajola Local Government Alhaji Afolabi Adebayo Salimonu (Borikansuwon) has been suspended indefinitely by the lawmakers.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that the chairman was suspended by the councilors during a sitting of the house held today at the legislative chamber of Kajola local government Secretariat in Okeho.

They the move was in strict compliance with the constitutional framework, procedure and government legislative arm in Oyo state.

At the meeting were elected councilors for the 11 wards in the local government area.

A document obtained by This Newspaper reads: “The indefinite suspension was engendered, engineered and born out of seemingly ever-growing and uncheckmated executive excesses and recklessness, stiff-necktedness, recalcitrancy on the part of executive chairman coupled with gross and wanton misappropriation of funds”.

The indefinite suspension takes immediate effect without any further delay whatsoever OKERO.

The majority leader in person of Adediran Tajudeen respresenting ward 02 (ELERO) moved the motion on indefinite suspension while the Deputy leader in person of Hon. Amusat Taofeek Adebare representing ward 09 (ISIA) seconded the motion.

“The sitting was presided by the Leader of the legislative council in person of Hon. Ayegboyin Kehinde representing ward 08 (ISEMI-ILE/ILUA.

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