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LP Fed. Rep. Candidate, Sunday Oni States Reasons Nigerians will Vote En-Mass For Labour Party, Says People Are Tired Of PDP, APC
By Our Reporter

Hon. Sunday Oni has explained reasons why Nigerians will vote en-mass for labour party.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that a Federal Representative Candidate under the platform of the Labour Party, Hon. Sunday Oni has stated reasons why the Nigerians will vote for all Labour Party candidates across the country at this forthcoming elections.

Hon. Sunday Oni, a Labour Party federal representative candidate for Ibadan Southwest and Northwest Federal Constituency speaking with journalists during a dinner with his colleagues in entertainment and event industry in Ibadan maintained that Nigerians are already tired of the antics of both the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressive Congress (APC) in government.

Sunday stressed that the PDP have ruled the country for sixteen good years without fulfilling their promises of fixing Nigeria.

He also noted that the people are already tired of the APC government of suffering under president Muhammadu Buhari who also promised better change before coming to government.

He said, “Everybody are tired of the PDP and APC and that has given someone like us the leverage over other contenders from other political parties, people are tired of this government and they are looking for credible alternative, that is why you see people supporting the emergence of our presidential candidate Peter Obi on daily basis.

“I have a very strong believe that myself and all other Labour Party candidates are going to emerge winner at this forthcoming elections. We’ve been a shuttling between the PDP and APC all these years and we’ve seen what they have been able to offer us.”

“People are tired of them, they now believe and see that Labour Party are going to give them Nigerian of their dreams, and thank God for someone like Peter Obi who brought some of us fully into politics, because if not for Peter Obi someone like me will not come into politics, for instance there will not be opportunity for me in APC and even PDP to come out and show my interest to serve my people, but thank God for Peter Obi who said he wants to work with more of young people and that is what gave someone like us the opportunity to come on board and this has also given all Nigerians the genuine hope of restoring the country.” Sunday said.

While speaking about the main purpose of the get together, Sunday Oni said.” I called my colleagues in the entertainment and event industry in the state together this evening to officially share my vision of why I’m contesting for federal representative at this forthcoming elections with them.”

“In this gathering we have CEO of companies and the pioneers of entertainments industry in the state and as one of them I know they are influencers, some of them are into media as well, they’re all my colleagues, we’ve been working together for many years and they’re ready to support my ambition, I called all of them for a dinner and a round table discussion to tell them what is my vision is all about.”

“I have told them why all of them must support me on this journey, and we also discussed the need there must active participation of youths in politics.We’ve been able to identify fund as one of the major factors affecting youths to participate active in politics, then opportunity and God-fatherism, and we’ve been able to talked about it.”

“One of the major thing affecting the youths is the issue of funding because politics involves money in Nigeria, I know that it’s not easy but with the support of my friends I know I will be able to get over this.” He stressed.

The dinner was attended by entertainment media practitioners, musicians, Disk Jockey practitioners, comedians, young politicians in the state among others.

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