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A group within the Labour Party, known as the Labour Party Patriotic Members Congress (LPPMC) and the Political Commission, Nigeria Labour Congress have reached a consensus on ways to address some challenges facing the Labour Party (LP).

The development was conveyed through a joint communique signed by Dr. Kingsley Okundaye, the National Coordinator of LPPMC and Prof Theophilus Ndubuaka, the Acting Chairman, Political Commission, NLC, dated March 22, 2024.

A copy of the communique made available to Naijanewshub online Newspaper read as thus;

“Today marks a significant milestone as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Labour Party Patriotic Members Congress (LPPMC) have come together in a spirit of collaboration to address the ongoing challenges within the Labour Party.”

“In a constructive virtual meeting attended by key representatives from both organizations, we engaged in comprehensive discussions aimed at finding solutions to the issues that have plagued the Labour Party for the past four years. Through careful consideration and collective determination, we have reached a consensus on several crucial points.”

“We recognize the urgent need for all concerned parties to unite and establish a viable alliance to address the pressing issues facing the Labour Party. This partnership will focus on implementing effective measures to mitigate the challenges the party has faced under the leadership of Abure.”

“We have jointly opposed the unauthorized Convention scheduled for March 27, 2023, by Abure and his associates. Such actions are deemed detrimental and counterproductive to the party’s integrity and stability.”

“Emphasizing the democratic nature of the party, we call for the suspension of Abure’s unilateral Convention and advocate for broader consultation with stakeholders and members. This inclusive approach will pave the way for a unified front in future party activities.”

“We express a vote of no confidence in Mr. Julius Abure and urge for his immediate resignation to spare the party further embarrassment and restore integrity to its leadership.”

“We call upon the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to refrain from endorsing any activities related to the March 27 event orchestrated by Abure. Additionally, we urge all relevant stakeholders, including legislative members and party supporters, to stand in solidarity with the NLC and LPPMC against Abure’s divisive actions.”

“We reaffirm NLC’s custodianship of the Labour Party, citing the 2018 ruling by Justice Gabriel Kolawale. The erosion of the party’s founding principles under Abure’s leadership necessitates immediate action to restore its core values.”

“We propose that a Caretaker Committee (CTC), be immediately set up to ensure impartiality and transparency in future party proceedings. Furthermore, we encourage a collaborative effort to expand party membership across all wards.”

“In conclusion, we are committed to implementing the agreed-upon measures and will continue to engage in daily efforts to realize our objectives. Together, we strive for progress and unity within the Labour Party.”

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