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Community leaders and residents in Olomi Olojuoro Road have commended the lawmaker representing Oluyole Federal constituency, Hon Tolulope Akande-Sadipe, over her tireless efforts to find a lasting solution to the bad road.

The stakeholders voiced their concerns passionately, on Friday, underscoring the urgent need for a capable and dependable company to take charge of the road construction.

They stressed the critical importance of community safety and prosperity, citing numerous accidents and loss of lives due to the road’s deteriorating conditions.

Kabiyesi Oyewale Samuel, a traditional leader in the area, echoing the sentiments of the community, declared, “We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to our honorable representative Akande-Sadipe for her unwavering intervention. We believe the federal government will take the necessary actions to ensure the road’s completion within a reasonable timeframe, taxpayers money cannot be squandered. If other representatives emulate Sadipe’s dedication, we can all reap the dividends of democracy and see our tax work for us.”

Startling revelations emerged during a site visit on Thursday, September 20th, 2023, as the House of Representatives adhoc committee uncovered disturbing details surrounding the extensive delays in the Olomi Olojuoro road construction project.

Led by Committee Chairman Hon. Kwamoti Bitrus Laori, the committee expressed profound dissatisfaction with their findings, sparking urgent calls for the termination of DC Contractors’ involvement in the beleaguered project.

This pivotal investigative visit, an integral component of the committee’s ongoing inquiry, witnessed the convergence of community leaders, landlords, and concerned residents.

They seized the opportunity to commend the House for their unwavering commitment to unearthing the truth.

Their appreciation extended to their federal representative, Hon. Tolulope Akande-Sadipe, who has consistently advocated for her constituents’ welfare throughout this ordeal.

Originally slated for a 24-month (2 years) completion timeline when awarded in 2018, the Olomi Olojuoro road project has raised serious concerns due to DC Contractors’ sluggish progress and poor quality of work over a span of five years.

Hon. Kwamoti, visibly perturbed by the situation, emphasized, “The current pace suggests that DC Contractors may extend this project over an astounding 40-year period if actions are not taken. Such a timeline is entirely unacceptable, we represent the people, and we are here because the House sent us, there must be accountability for tax payers money.”

The Ministry’s Supervisor, Engr. Abayomi Olusada, expressed deep frustration, highlighting numerous warnings issued to the contractor concerning their lethargic and poor pace of work.

“The ministry had dispatched multiple cautionary letters to the contractors, with a final warning issued in December to DC Engineering Ltd. Owned by Oba Alowonle, Emure of Emure Ijebu, Ogun State. This company appears ill-prepared to fulfill its obligations,” he lamented.

Regarding contract termination, he clarified that it falls within the purview of the ministry’s legal department.

As the federal government and the Ministry of Works deliberate on the fate of the Olomi Olojuoro road project, the nation watches closely.

The call for justice, accountability, and a safer, more prosperous future for all residents resonates loudly.


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