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The intervention of the national leadership of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Impeachment moves against Deputy Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa of Ondo State by the state House of Assembly appeared to have made serious impact as 12 among the 26 members of the Assembly dissociated themselves from the latest letter written to the state Chief Judge to constitute a 7-person panel to investigate the allegations levelled against the deputy governor.

Dissociating themselves from the letter, the lawmakers with dissenting voice alleged that the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Olamide Oladiji did not consult with members of the Assembly before writing the letter.

The lawmakers in a press release said: “The decision to transmit the purported letter of Ondo State House of Assembly, stated 23rd October, 2023 signed by Rt. Hon. Olamide Oladiji Adesanmi, was taken without a formal sitting of the House and our knowledge as members of the 10th Assembly.

“It is our considered view that we should be honourable indeed by standing with our acceptance at the Abuja meeting to suspend the impeachment process to allow for amicable and political solution to the issue for the benefits of governance and peace of Ondo State.”

The letter of dissociation was jointly signed by 11 lawmakers and that the 12th member would append his signature whenever he returns from where he travelled.

Confirming the authenticity of the letter, the Chairman, House Committee on Information, Hon. Oshati Olatunji said the letter emanated from the state House of Assembly members.

He said: “The letter is true. It actually emanated from us. If you look at the content of the letter, it addressed a particular point-the last letter sent to the Chief Judge of Ondo State by the Speaker.

“The speaker did not consult well. It has to be a collective responsibility because we have lawyers among us who normally advise us on the implications of some of the things we do when it comes to legal issues.

“That’s why they hammered on the last letter being contentious as long as the vacation on the injunction has not been removed.

“It is just an inter-house conflict, but unfortunately, people coloured it and gave it so many meanings. But the content of that letter said it all.

“We are after due process, as we promised the people of Ondo State. And since the national body of our party (APC) has intervened, we believe in exploring the reconciliatory move because the two gladiators are our fathers; they are the leaders.”

With the new development, the impeachment process appeared to have been botched as the required number of members of the Assembly may not be achieved.

Ondo State House of Assembly is a 26-person Assembly and two-third majority required by the constitution to remove a deputy governor or a governor would be a herculean task to achieve if those plotting Aiyedatiwa’s removal remain recalcitrant.




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