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No fewer than 5,000 food vendors, chefs, tourists, culinary talents, including On-Air personalities are expected to converge in the ancient city of Ibadan for the maiden edition of the Chops ‘n’ Chill festival.

Chops ‘n’ Chill festival according to the convener of the event, Mrs Festus Chinwendu popularly known as Wendy is an avenue to showcase talents and also project Ibadan city to the world at large.

Mrs Chinwendu who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Wendy Kitchen while briefing journalists on the socio-economic importance of the event for Ibadan city noted that Ibadan Chops ‘n’ Chill event is more than just a celebration of food but a culmination of passion, innovation, and the spirit of community.

Wendy in her speech said that the Chops ‘n’ Chill event is going to be the largest convergence event of it’s kind in Ibadan where over 5,000 food lovers, promoting food tourism and appreciation.
Wendy said, “As the convener of Ibadan Chops ‘n’ Chill, I am humbled by the opportunity to bring together food enthusiasts, culinary talents, and a diverse array of tastes under one vibrant roof. Growing up amidst the warmth of family gatherings filled with delectable dishes and the laughter that follows, I discovered my passion for cooking. This profound love for food and its ability to create cherished memories inspired the vision behind this event, a platform to celebrate the diverse culinary heritage of
“But even more than this passion, there is the need to challenge negative narratives about our dear city, Ibadan, as a “dull city.” Ibadan Chops ‘n’ Chill isn’t merely about savouring delectable dishes; it’s about fostering an inclusive environment where every flavour, every recipe, and every story behind the meals becomes a part of a collective celebration.”
“Beyond the culinary delights, this event is also a platform for innovation, collaboration, and growth within our community. It’s an avenue to showcase local talents, empower aspiring chefs, and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives within Ibadan.”
“I must acknowledge the incredible support from our sponsors
Indomie, partners such as Punctuate PR Agency, Fablstyle Magazine, and the dedicated team behind the scenes, their commitment and collaboration have been instrumental in bringing this vision to life.
Also in his address, the leader of the Public relations officer for the event, Mr Oyewole Fikayo maintained that the event will be having several side attractions which includes Eating competition, Best dressed and Best Restaurant award, stressing that the event will be coming up at the Ibadan Polo Club.
Fikayo however called on the people of Ibadan and its environ to come and witness the flavour food journey noting that their presence will transform the event to an unforgettable experience.

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