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Ms. Omolara Svensson, the Group Managing Director of OOK Farms, has been officially inaugurated as the Head of Women in Agric by the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Oyo State Chapter.

The inauguration ceremony took place on Saturday at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, and was attended by key stakeholders in the state’s agriculture sector.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Hannah Ogunesan, the former Head of Service in Oyo State, presented the certificate to Omolara, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with all necessary stakeholders to achieve success in her new role.

Ogunesan urged members of the association to work hand-in-hand with the newly appointed Head of Women in Agric, emphasizing the need to elevate the association to new heights.

In her acceptance speech, Mrs. Omolara expressed enthusiasm about the opportunities her tenure would bring to female farmers in Oyo State. She highlighted the focus on providing the right orientation, training, and knowledge of agribusiness, aiming to bridge the gap between grassroots farmers, elite farmers, and the government.

“This tenure is dedicated to realizing the prosperity in farming and agribusiness for our female farmers in Oyo state and, by extension, impacting the lives of female farmers across the country and the continent,” she affirmed.

Mrs. Omolara outlined specific goals for the initial three months, focusing on training and providing additional support to farmers cultivating commodities and crops during the dry season.

She also promises to work with all the necessary agencies.

“Of Course we can’t do this without carrying along our partners, the agencies under the ministry of agriculture and food security, International Investors, international financials and even commercial institutions like commercial banks and other banks like Bank of Agriculture (BOA), The African Development Bank (AfDB), and others,” She said.

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