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Oyo Govt. Supports Smallholder Farmers, YEAP Trainees In Ibadan, Ibarapa LGAs Through OYSADA, State N-Care Projects

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Oyo state government through the State Agribusiness Development Agency, (OYSADA) and it’s
Covid-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus, (N-CARES) project has again commenced distribution of farm assets and livestock’s for farmers and YEAP trainees across all the 33 local government areas in the state.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that Oyo state government in its efforts to protect the livelihoods and food security of poor and vulnerable farmers disproportionately affected by the covid-19 pandemic set up state N-CARES project with the aims to facilitate the recovery of local economic activity for the affected farmers in the state.

Speaking with journalists on Thursday during the distribution of farm assets for 140 beneficiaries which includes local and small scale farmers, as well as the Youth Entrepreneurship In Agribusiness Project (YEAP) beneficiaries at Ibarapa North Secretariat Headquaters, Ayete, Mr. Bamigbola Kolawole Adewumi, the state coordinator for Oyo State N-Care Result Area 2 noted that the project has to do with food security in the state, through input and assets distributions for the real local farmers across all the 33 local government areas in the state.

Mr. Bamigbola while briefing journalists shortly after distributions of farm assets worth millions of naira said, “As part of the mandate given to us for meeting the needs of our beneficiaries, we have crops and other assets that we are giving to our beneficiaries in Ibarapa North Ayete where we are this morning, we are here to make assets distribution to our beneficiaries and these assets include cassava grater and presser machines.

Bamigbola further said, “We have five of these machines here this morning and we are giving these machines to our cassava farmers that have been grouped into five and in each group we have ten beneficiaries which means they are 50 in number and they are going home with the five machines of cassava greater and presser for Gari Processing in this communities.”

“We also have groups of farmers who are into vegetables plantation, they are here this morning, they will be going home with water pumping machine and pumping accessories that is going to be giving to them. These set of farmers that are vegetable planters these set of farmers are in four groups, we also have 10 beneficiaries in each groups and they will collect one pumping machines and pumping accessories each, so they’re 40 beneficiaries going home with 40 pumping machines and pumping accessories.”

“We also have a group of ten farmers who are into maize farming, they are going home with a maize thresher machine, this machine will be useful for them after they have harvest their maize, they will use the maize thresher machine for processing and these are our youths that were sponsored to Nasarawa by the state government for training and they specialized in maize farming.Maize thresher machine will surely assist improve the ease of doing businesses.”

“In another development we have another set of Nasarawa trainees that will be going home with sprayer and safety kits, all the beneficiaries will be using the items distributed to them to serve themselves and the neighbouring farmers, so they can charge money for doing so, in order to extend and multiply the number of machines given to them, so we expect them to make good use of these items for their own benefit and for the benefit of their entire communities.”

“We also have livestock group of 10 beneficiaries that will be going home with a sheep and a ram, each one of them will be going home with a ram and a sheep because we believed that during the covid-19 some of them lost their stock, so this is just a palliative measure from the state government for them to start again, just as the crop farmers were given inputs during the rainy season, and they will still be given as we continue with this program so in all we are having 140 beneficiaries from Ibarapa North Local Government Area of the state here in Ayete.”

“So the expectation of the state government from the beneficiaries is that we believe these items giving to them is a palliative and they are going to use it judiciously for they are real farmers and not political farmers that will sell items giving to them, so they are going to use it as a starting point to increase their production in their different communities.” Bamigbola said.

In Igboora, the seat of Ibarapa Central Local Government, during the distribution of farm assets to the beneficiaries in that local government, Mr. Bamigbose Olarenwaju Alani, the Head of Local Government Administration for Ibarapa Central commended the state government under the leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde over the state N-CARES project.

He said, “We want to specially thank the Oyo State government for the kind gesture that has been extended to our people here in Ibarapa Central local government under the state N-CARES project, we are so grateful to His Excellency, the executive Governor of the state, Engr. Seyi Makinde for making us one of the beneficiaries of this laudable projects, this is another dividend of democracy that government has been spreading around since governor came on board since 2019 and we thank God that he has been re-elected for another four years term again.”

“We are confidence that in another four years again we are going to benefit from greatly from this kind of laudable projects and programmes, we are mainly farmers here in the local government and we are happy that the items distributed to our farmers today will be a great benefit to them and it will surely alleviate poverty and surely reduce unemployment rate in our communities here in our local government, this will also curb youth idleness and and bring more opportunities to our local government and that is why we are so grateful, this items donated will have a positive effect in our local government, most especially in wealth creation and job opportunities as well in the area of security because an idle hand is devil’s workshop so we grateful again for the government behind this project led by Engr Seyi Makinde, so on behalf of the Local Government Chairman, the traditional rulers here in our local government and the good people of local government we say thank you sir.” Bamigbose said.

The beneficiaries of the project, Mr. Salako Kazeem Babatunde, a livestock farmer at Ibarapa North Local Government Area Ayete, Mr. Odeyemi Mayowa Odeniyi from Ibarapa Central, Mrs. Okegbenro Suliaht Odunayo from Ibarapa Central, Igboora all lauded Governor Seyi Makinde over the state N-CARES project, they all promised to make good use of the items given to them to the benefit of themselves, their immediate communities and the state at large.

In his words, Mr. Olayiwola Lanre, the Facilitator of state N-Care Project, Result Area 2, Ibarapa North Local Government, Ayete, said, “The program is solely is to militate the adverse effect of covid-19 which ravaged the world world few years ago, some of the local practicing farmers loss their farm produces to the pandemic, so the whole essence of this is to assist those identified farmers to come back on their feet.”

“So, in this local government alone we prepared two documents which is called CARP, which is called Covid-19 Recovery Action Plan, the two documents I prepared cut across the three communities here in our local government, so each CARP document contained one hundred beneficiaries that are known local farmers so we have document for two hundred farmers in this local government alone, so out of the hundred, the state government mandated us to include the YEAP trainees in our beneficiaries document, so 40% of the hundred beneficiaries are YEAP trainees, these are mostly youths, while we have farmers cluster(groups) that are already on ground who are mostly adults, men and women that are from this local government are 60%.”

“Those that are receiving assets today are 140 beneficiaries because we have divided them into two categories , some will receive assets and while the rest team will be supply with inputs like maize, cassava stem cuttings, fertilizers, Agro Chemicals very soon as far as the rain stabilize. We worked with data to identify the real farmers here, these beneficiaries are not political farmers but real local farmers as you can see them, they are in groups, we have some of them that are into livestock’s, farming, some are into maize farming, while some are into vegetable only.”

“We also have cassava planters and processors among them, they are local farmers, even our youths that went for training at Nasarawa state who are benefitting from these project have been doing wonderfully well in their various farms, we were provided with the list of the registered farmers as carried out by the extension officers of OYSADA attached to this local government who have on many occasions been to their farms for various interventions and support, as well as providing advise for them when necessary so these are the genuine farmers in our local government, these people have been on register since three years ago, their Biometric including facial capturing are already with the state government.”

“The people at OYSADA really done well by visiting all the local government areas in the state for identification purposes and this really make it easier for us to identify the real farmers and it’s that list that we worked with here and we have been instructed not to consider any other farmers that is not on that list, so we worked with the list provided for us by the state government, so my main advise for the beneficiaries is that government has done their part by providing the assets needed for farm processing.”

“These farm assets items will surely make farming job easier, most especially the youths who are just starting their career should make good use of this opportunity and the items given to them so in few years to come they will be remembering this time for good, for the they will also be remembering that Governor Seyi Makinde has been the one that invested in them to be able to stand on their own financially. Olayiwola said.

Some other areas covered by the state N-CARES at the ongoing distributions of farm items are, Oluyole LGA , Aba Ege, while assets distributed to the beneficiaries are 20 knapsack sprayers, 10 PPE, 2 cassava presser and grater machines, while in Ibadan North East, the group that benefitted from the project are Agbesayedotun, and they went home with 800 poultry birds, 10 poultry cages, 60 female goats, 20 female goats, 20 male sheep’s; Lagelu LGA, the beneficiary group who is Agbegbemi, went home with 40 knapsack sprayers, 20 PPE, 10 mechanical weeders, Ibadan South East, Mapo, 800 poultry, 100 poultry feeds, 20 male goats, 40 female goats, 20 female sheep’s, 100 bags of goat feed, Ido, Agbenireti, 10 male goats, 20 female goats, Ibarapa Central, Ifesowapo, 80 knapsack sprayers,40PPE, Ibadan South West, Irewamiri, 10 mechanical weeders, 1000 poultry, 100 poultry feed, 20 male goats, 40 female goats, 20 male sheep’s, 20 female sheep’s. Ibarapa East, Agbelere, 10 male sheep’s, 10 female sheep’s. Ibarapa East, Agbelogo, 20 poultry cage, 10 male goats, 20 female goats, 10 male sheep, 10 female male, 10 pump and accessories, 60 knapsack sprayers, 30 PPE, 10 mechanical weeders. Oorelope LGA, Agbeloba, 40 knapsack sprayers, 20 PPE, 10 mechanical weeders. Ibadan North LGA, Agbewumi, 200 poultry, 30 male goats, 60 female goats, 60 male sheep, 60 female sheep. Ibadan North West, where Agbelowo went home with 800 poultry, 100 poultry feeds, 30 male goats, 60 female goats, 1420 male sheep, 20 female sheep. In Egbeda LGA, Kebimapalu group went home with 10 male goats, 20 female goats, 40 knapsack sprayers,20 PPE, Ona-Ara LGA, Kebimapalu, 60 knapsack sprayers, 30 PPE, Akinyele LGA, Agbedola, 200 poultry, 10 male goats, 20 female goats, 20 knapsack sprayers, 10 PPE, 20 mechanical weeders.

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