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No fewer than two hundred and five (205) farmers that specialized in maize, tomatoes and cassava farming in Olorunsogo, Oorelope and Saki East local government areas received their agricultural inputs from Oyo state government through the OYO-cares in conjunction with the World Bank under the state Agribusiness Development Agency, OYSADA.

Briefing journalists shortly after the distribution of the agricultural inputs to the beneficiaries in Igbeti, the seat of power of Olorunsogo local government, the state coordinator for Nigeria Covid-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus,(N-Cares) Result Area 2, Mr. Kolawole Adewumi Bamigbola said fifty (50) tomatoes farmers received twenty sachets of tomatoes seeds, one and half bags of fertilizers, one liter of pre-emergence and one liter of post-emergence herbicides.

Mr. Kolawole also noted that fifty (50) maize farmers of five groups also received agricultural inputs to enhance their farm produces. He said, “each farmer collected 10kg of maize, 2 bags of NPK fertilizer, one liter of pre-emergence herbicides and one post-emergence herbicides.”

“Seventy(70) farmers received agricultural inputs, as each of the farmers received 20 bundles of cassava cuttings, 2 bags of NPK fertilizer, one liter of herbicide.” He said.

In Igboho, the Headquaters of Oorelope local government, seventy (70) farmers that specialized in cassava planting also received their inputs.

The state N-CARES coordinator said, “seven groups of cassava farmers which are seventy(70) beneficiaries also received twenty (20) bundles of cassava cuttings each, with two (2) bags of NPK fertilizers and one liter of herbicide.”

In Ago-Amodu, the secretariat of Saki East, sixty five (65) farmers comprises of 39 cassava farmers and 26 tomatoes farmers received their inputs.

Each of the 39 cassava farmers received 20 bundles of cassava cuttings, 2 bags of NPK fertilizer and one bag of herbicide, while each of the 26 tomatoes farmers received 20 sachets of tomatoes seeds, one pre-emergence herbicide, one post-emergence herbicide and 2 bags of fertilizers.

In her remark, the executive chairperson of Olorunsogo local government, Hon. Mrs Akani Juliana Oluwakemi lauded Governor Seyi Makinde over the support, describing him as talk and do governor.She also urged the beneficiaries to make good use of the inputs given to them.

While addressing the beneficiaries in his local government, the executive chairman of Oorelope local government, Hon. Raimi Akeem Adepoju, commended Governor Makinde over the kind gesture extended to farmers in all the 33 local government areas across the state through OYO-Cares.

He said, “Governor Makinde is first of it’s kind, he always fulfill his promise, and this is one of the promises he made, I’m so happy for all the beneficiaries, especially the YEAP members, through your dedication you have a long way to go, as the governor is ready to support you through all scale loans.”

“I’m also urging you all to make good use of all the inputs given to you in order to ensure food security in our local government and in the state at large. He said.

The beneficiaries in all the three local government areas covered on Tuesday received their agricultural inputs with great joy and excitement, as they were seeing singing praises of Governor Seyi Makinde.

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