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Oyo State governor Engr. Seyi Makinde has cautioned residents of Bodija explosion to vacate their residence for now until the whole area is well secured.

While addressing journalists in a world press conference shortly after his visit to the scene of the explosion at Governor’s office Press Center, Agodi Secretariat, Engr. Seyi Makinde cautioned the victims of the incident not to go into their houses for now for the place is not safe.

The governor who briefed journalists alongside his Special Adviser on Security, CP Fatai Owoseni (rtd), the state Commissioner of Police, Mr Adebola Hamzat, the team leader of the state emergency response team, Prof. Temitope Alonge among others said we are appealing to the the victims to vacate their residence for now, they should not go in their to take any of their properties, security agencies are on ground to ensure safety of their properties.

“We have set up Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located in Bodija Housing, we want the victims to go there and register their details.”

“As at the time I visited the site this afternoon, some building due to the weakness of the structures are still collapsing and we need to ensure that the entire place is well secured before anybody can go in there, they should give us like two or more days to ensure the the entire place is well secured before they can go in there, we don’t want further casualties, nothing will happen to their properties, I have instructed the security agencies to deal with anybody that want to loot their properties.”

Governor Makinde attributed the incident to the storage of explosive devices by illegal miners.

He said, “All that are involved directly and indirectly for bringing this tragedy to us will be brought to book.”

The governor also warned the public to refrain from misinformation and disinformation.

‘’We will ensure there is no breakdown of law and order. We are on top of the situation. If you see any strange thing, alert the authorities and we will do something and we are doing something.’’, Makinde said.

The governor said the number of casualties has not changed but there are three fatalities, while 77 persons are affected.

In his remark, Owoseni said: ‘’Almost immediately, the Governor gave an instruction and it was promptly complied with. The area has been secured. Hoodlums have been prevented from carrying out looting.

‘’It was an explosion. We want to use this opportunity to say it is incorrect for people to say Boko Haram elements have infiltrated Ibadan. Preliminary investigation indicates that for a period explosive devices have been stored there. Security will continue to manage the security of the area.” Owoseni said.

The team lead of Emergency Operations Center, Temitope Alonge said: ‘’Other patients are stable and we are monitoring their situation.”

In his address, the Director General of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Mustapha Abeeb Ahmed said the “Search and rescue is still ongoing, this is something that occurred last night and as we speak, that is why the place need to be evaluated so that people don’t step on other people, because search and rescue has not been concluded.”

“Regulatory bodies must all seat up, where we have people keeping piles of explosives in a residential area is not acceptable, disaster management is everybody’s business, if you see something, say something, we’re not on ground zero, about 58 houses are damaged, about three lives have been lost, we currently don’t know numbers of people that are in hospital, we are going to the hospital to ascertain, we are working hand in hand with the state government to ascertain the whole situation, this is the EOC center, so reports are still coming in and people are still on site working, but most importantly we cannot contain whereby people will be going in there, it’s not acceptable.”

“You do not talk about what you intend to do without having the proper report of what the assessment is, we have to know what the assessment is before you know exactly what we are going to do, we need to verify and ascertain what exactly has happened, the magnitude and the extent, definitely NEMA will intervene, the federal government will come in, that is why we are here, we are awake, we’re have not sleeping, nobody has slept, even the president was awake all night because of this explosion.”

“We’ve seen documents, personal belongings of the people there for now, we don’t know what exactly is there, the most disturbing is that these particular people with the explosive have been there for a very long period of time and how come people keeping that quantum of explosives over ten years and nobody has seen anything.”

“This kind of materials is not allowed in a residential areas such as this, the regulatory bodies must ensure that nothing of this nature happens again.”Mustapha said.

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