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Prophet Richard Kolawole Releases Prophecies For Year 2023, Urges Nigerians To Pray For Unity

By Our Reporter

Prophet Richard Kolawole has released prophecies for the year 2023.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that the founder of the Christ Apostolic Church, Arogungbogunmi International, Prophet Richard Kolawole has given prophecies and predictions concerning what will happen in the coming year and what Nigerians should expect.

The Ibadan based Cleric who gave the prophecies at the church’s annual programme tagged ‘Freedom Festival 2023’ with the theme ‘Mighty One with the Mighty Hand’ said Nigerians who love the unity of the country should pray as the line connecting the Nigerian State is now very thin and can break if care is not taken.

He noted that Nigeria’s Economy will get worse but for the people who trust in God, it will be a year of Joy and that wicked people will be destroyed. In other words, 2023 will be a year of destruction for wicked people who would not repent.

He further states that the bloodshed in the country is too much and the Lord hates bloodshed. Hence, if the bloodshed is not stopped, there won’t be peace as desired in the country. He thus, appealed to the government to rise up to its task by ensuring that all unnecessary bloodshed is stopped.

Baba Arogungbogunmi as he’s fondly called also expressed that the Lord has revealed the one who would become the president but it is still subject to Nigerians if they would accept him. Though he refused to mention the name of the person, but the noted that the man God has chosen is not a Yoruba Man and he’s a person who’s unfamiliar with the presidency.

Prophet Kolawole further noted that there is a stockpile of weapon of massive destruction in the Northern part of the country and if the government would not get to work and ensure that these weapons are found and destroyed, terrorism will not cease in Northern Nigeria.

His Prophecies reads in part,  “We must use the first seven days in the year 2023 to give God praises. If we praise God, he will also give us something in return that will make us to always praise him. Nigeria, the first seven day in the new year, the Lord said we should give him praises.

“Secondly, the Lord said we should love him wholeheartedly not with our tongues, nor because of what we want to eat or receive, every heart that love him wholeheartedly,  God will give them breakthrough in all areas of life and everything that may stand against them will be removed.

“Thirdly, No matter the economy of Nigeria, 2023 is a year of joy. However, the second part of this prophecy is that the year is a year of destruction for wicked people. God will destroy wicked people, if you are doing wicked things, you should turn away from it.

“The fourth point, the Lord said I should tell this country Nigeria that the ladder that tied this country together, if it won’t be destroy next year we must be prayerful. The children of God must be prayerful so that this country won’t be divided. If you love the unity of this country, pray for her.

If the children of God pray, there will be a mysterious events that will make this country to be at peace.

“Fifth point, the Lord said there is too much of bloodshed and the Lord hates it and if it continues, there won’t be ease or peace in the country . We are appealing to the government to work on it and those that are in position of power should rise as expected of them.

“Sixth point, the Lord said he will fight for the poor people, he said his  hand is upon influential politicians for revenge. Write it down, in 2023 there shall be record of death of the politicians because the Lord is ready to avenge the poor and the oppressed.

The seventh prophecy says,  The Lord said he has revealed the president only if the citizens will accept him. The Lord said he has chosen the president,  the Lord told me his name but I will keep it for now. The Man the Lord has chosen is a person that has not contest before and that’s who the Lord chooses and his mark is upon him only if the powerful ones that are disturbing this nation didn’t take another step to avert the emergence the chosen man.

“Eight point says, For Oyo state, the Lord said He still love the person who’s currently the governor and by the grace of God, the will of God will be done.

“The Ninth point, the Lord said there are many weapons of destruction  in the Northern region and that if government are not proactive to ensure that the weapons are discovered and mop up, terrorism will not stop.

The tenth prophecy says, The Lord told me that some fathers of faith that are well known, I won’t mention them, though they work hard, the Lord said he will call them home.

“The Lord said I should tell you that He is coming soon, that everyone should prepare their mind for His coming, says the eleventh one.

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