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Nigerians have been called to always embrace good intentions and as well shun any form of evil against humanity.

Speaking at the 4th Annual Ramadan Lecture organized by the Chief Executive Officer of Kingsway Pharmacy and Supermarket, Alhaji Amuda Hafeez, the guest lecturer, Sheik Ismaheel Gbamolada called on Nigerians to always have good intentions towards their fellow men.

The Popular Cleric while preaching on the topic of the lecture titled “Importance Of Intention” also charged Nigerian leaders to have good intentions towards the masses.

Sheik Gbamolada said “Good intentions is very key towards achieving a better society.”He said, “Good intentions makes you gain a lot from where you don’t even expect, worshipping without good intentions towards your fellow human is useless.”

“You must have good intentions towards your friends, neighbors, colleagues at work, relatives and everyone that you come across in your life.” Gbamolada said.


While delivering his welcome address, Alhaji Amuda Hafeez make used of the Ramadan lecture to unveil a medical outreach foundation named “Kingsway Health and Outreach Foundation {KIHOF}” aimed at assisting the less privileged people in the society.

The newly launched foundation according to Amuda Hafeez is rooted in a steadfast commitment towards addressing the pressing healthcare and societal needs.

Hafeez who solicited  support from well meaning Nigerians to achieve a successful drive of the foundation also reeled out the pillars of the foundation.

Hafeez said, “Our decision to establish the Kingsway Health and Outreach Foundation is not merely a symbolic gesture, but a tangible manifestation of our unwavering dedication to ensuring that every individual in our community has access to quality healthcare and support services.”

“Building upon the exemplary service and support rendered by Kingsway Pharmacy and Supermarket over the past four years, we embark on this noble endeavor with a resolute determination to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.”

“We recognize the disparities that exist within our healthcare system and the imperative to bridge these gaps through proactive intervention and community engagement.””As we chart our course forward, we are guided by a clear and comprehensive vision for the Kingsway Health and Outreach Foundation. Our vision encompasses the following key pillars, which are accessible healthcare, health education and awareness, community outreach programs, partnerships and collaborations, advocacy and policy change.”

While speaking on the importance of partnership and collaboration to the newly launched foundation, Hafeez said, “We recognize the importance of forging partnerships with government agencies, healthcare institutions, and non-governmental organizations to amplify our impact and leverage collective resources for the greater good.”

Highlights of the event include appointment of the Matrons and Patrons of the foundation, iftar, and award presentations to well meaning Nigerians that hav been contributing to a better society.

Among the Patrons and Matrons of the foundation unveiled at the event were Alhaji Hon Mojeed Olalekan Salau, Alh. Abd-Wasiu Tomiwa Omolewa (Tommy), Chairman Oyo State Park Management System, Alhaja Olabisi Oyedokun, and others.

The lecture was graced by some notable Nollywood actors such as Alhaji Rasaq Olayiwola popularly known as Ojooagogo, Olaide Ajani (Agba Yahoo), among others.

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