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As part of deliberate efforts to help the state government achieve its mandate on clean and green environment, Oyo state chapter of both Refuse Contractors Association (RCA) and Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAMN) have ended their age-long factional war and united to help the Seyi Makinde led government succeed on its roadmap.

Consequently, the two factions, parents to other smaller waste management associations in the state have agreed to sheath their swords and joined together to work for the common good of Oyo state through what is now to be referred to as waste management coalition comprising all waste contractors in Oyo state.

This was disclosed in a joint press briefing by Chairmen of both umbrella associations; Jimoh Temitope Jayeola (RCA) and Felix Adoroh (AWAMN), shortly after the meeting described as epochal, which held in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, on Wednesday, September 20.

Members of the 7-man Committee set up are Jimoh Temitope Jayeola, Felix Adoroh, Oluwarore Ladi, Lawal Adeshina,
Ibiyemi Segun, Henry Olayinka Kayode, and Hakeem Mayowa SHOBANKE.

The 7-man committee, according to the two leaders, is saddled with the responsibility of leading the newly formed coalition to come up with a new workable waste management template that would be feasible for return on investment by waste operators and contractors in the state.

The communique containing resolutions reached at the end of the meeting reads in part, “We, members of the Refuse Contractors Association (RCA) of Oyo state and the Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAMN) Oyo state branch, having seen the commitment of the State Governor, His Excellency, Engr Oluseyi Makinde, and the honourable commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources, Honourable Abdulmojeed Mogbonjubola, have decided to come together and give our powers to the Coalition of Waste Managers.

“Being foot soldiers with full knowledge and depth of Oyo state waste and environmental terrain, pledge to commit our vast field and off field experience, understanding of environmental terrain, resources, and expertise to compliment the determination of the state Government to halt the retardation of the past 14 months and reposition the waste management industry to work.

“We know this is not going to be easy but we are resolved to make this model work.”

Describing the current structure of waste management in the state under a private consultant as exploitative and unfeasible in the face of current economic realities in Nigeria, the waste contractors who lamented the untold hardship operators have endured since the consultant came on board said what has been experimented in the last about 14 month was unrealistic as it has taken Oyo state back in terms of clean environment, by many years.

In his remark, Mr Jayeola disclosed that the division and factionalization among waste operators over the years resulted into the challenges that eventually culminated into the introduction of a consultant while boasting that the coming together of the two previously factional associations would perpetually put an end to the waste management challenges faced by the state.

He added that the coalition has a clear understanding of Governor Seyi Makinde’s roadmap for sustainable development particularly in his desire to achieve a clean amd green environment and is poised to bring it to fruition within an a stipulated timeframe.

In his words, “I am the Chairman of Refuse Contractors Association of Nigeria, Oyo state chapter and member committee of the new coalition. I’m very happy at the end of today’s meeting because we have clearly seen that there’s no more crisis because of our resolve to foster peace, harmony, and unity.

“The new Coalition of Oyo state waste managers is the umbrella body for all waste management associations in Oyo state. As a matter of fact today, we came up with a number of suggestions which include the fact that we identify domestic wastes as constituting about 83 percent of the total waste generated in the Ibadan which is major to Oyo state as a whole.

“If we effectively took care d domestic waste, we would have effectively catered for wastes in the state. Hardly would you find industries littering their wastes on the median or river parts. It is only domestic wastes, so, we’ve taken up this task upon ourselves as business owners and operators. Over this challenge, the question of are we capable? The answer is yes! Is it going to be easy? The answer is no!, but are we determined to take this long run till the end? the answer is yes!.

“Our members have resolved and decided to use their wealth of experience, expertise, and resources to support the present government of Governor Seyi Makinde as well as the vision of the Honourable Commissioner for environment and natural resources towards achieving the desired results. What we’ve experimented in the last 14 month or so have only retarded the state and are determined to give impetus to this new drive to make Ibadan clean again.

“As a matter of fact, we’ve given ourselves the task that when our suggestions and recommendations are finally adopted by the state government, we will in the first 12 month of implementation move from being one of the dirtiest to top 10 cleanest states in Nigeria.”

In his corroborative remark, Mr Adoroh said, “today we had a meeting of all the waste operators in Oyo state and after several meetings by all parties involved, and when I said all parties I mean RCA, PSP, AWAMN, Waste Movers and other associations that make up waste operators in Oyo state.

“To the glory of God, today’s meeting was a huge success because we all agreed to sheath our swords and work for the common good of Oyo state and investors in the sector.”

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that the new waste management structure in Oyo state has been said to be a franchise model where waste operators work directly for the consulting firm and only becomes answerable to the state government.

However, this structure has been greeted with fierce resistance by waste management operators who described it as not only exploitative but wicked, self serving, focused mainly on revenue generation as against service to the state, and largely beneficial to the consultant while urging the state Governor, Seyi Makinde to take advantage of the numeric strength and employment opportunities created by operators to drive the sustainable waste management agenda for a clean and green environment.

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