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In a bid to depopulate cities, develop more towns and communities in Nigeria, and provide many with access to affordable, decent homes due to the shortfall in housing in the country, the management of a real estate company, AS Wonder Homes and Properties, attracts more than 500 partners and investors to Badagry, as the company re-lunches the Kings Arena Estate, Imeke Road, Igbokan, Aradagun Areas of Badagry.

The CEO of AS Wonder Homes and Properties, Dr. Agbi Stephen, while addressing the newsmen, said that the reason for reintroducing Kings Arena Estate is to help investors get a property that comes with peace of mind. Also, recounting the huge infrastructure development the federal government is putting into the marine economy, the ongoing construction of the deep sea port at Agbara, the road expansion projects, and the fact that Badagry is a coastal and border town, shows that investment here in a few years is guaranteed to yield over a 200 percent return on investment.

Hon. Tope Sanya the directors at 360 homes, while speaking at the event, said that for one to enjoy sound health and quality life, we should try and decongest the metropolis. Today, a lot of developers desperately building on flood areas and drainages and we saw how they are losing their houses and blaming government. He added that getting your CofO is mostly easier in areas not congested with too many population.

Also speaking at the event, Mr Segun Shonowo, CMO, Meaningful Realtor, a real estate marketing firm said that government can solve the problem of housing deficit in Nigeria by easing the process of landed documentation, and partner with developer by providing mortgage financing to developer who are building affordable housing, for example, AS Wonder homes and properties is currently easing the process for Nigerians to own their own houses by making the payment plans easy and spreading it for a long time.

Before the launch, the company embarked on a tourist tour, seeing some of the major attractions in the town. The first multi-storey building in Nigeria, built in 1845; the Bagagry Heritage Museum, built in 1863; Seriki Faremi Abass Williams Abbas Court, the Baracoon of 40 cells, and many more attractions.

Badagry is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria due to its rich historical and cultural antecedents. The town forms the border between Nigeria and Benin Republic, was a major slave port during the trans-atlantic slave trade era, and has exported thousands of slaves to Brazil in South America.

The management of the company, led by the CEO, Dr. Agbi Stephen, visited the palace of the paramount ruler, HRM, De Wheno Aholu Menu-Toyi 1 (the Arkran of Badagry Kingdom). Joyfully received by the zangas’, speaking on behalf of the kingdom, Chief Bobigaboi, Emmanuel Baalewa Bamiko, welcome and appreciated the company for attracting investors to Badagry, pledge to cooperate with the company to guarantee harmonious relationship with the host community.

Other guests present at the event include Hon. Olufowobi Olarewaju Desmond, Princess Taino, and Paitu Npate, among others.

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