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Shafaudeen Boss, Prof. Sabit Ariyo Congratulates Makinde Over Reelection Victory

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Shafaudeen Spiritual founder and  head, Prof. Sabit Ariyo Olagoke has congratulated Governor Makinde over his re-election victory.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that the Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen in Islam worldwide, Prof Sabit Ariyo Olagoke JP has congratulated Governor Seyi Makinde on his re-election at the Saturday, March 18, 2023 Governorship and State Houses of Assembly Poll.

A congratulatory message signed by the Islamic scholar who is also the Ajagun Esin of Oyo State and the Mogaji Aare Alasa, Arole OgunElu Dynasty of Ibadan land , reads in part;

“I congratulate Engr. Seyi Makinde FNSE. On behalf of myself as Mogaji Aare Alasa, Arole OgunElu Dynasty and the entire OgunElu Aare Alasa Dynasty of which Aigbofa Compound among other 35 is your source.

“Running for and winning an office as a Governor, is an accomplishment to be proud of. More importantly, Nigeria’s democratic political sphere for the first time in history gave the mandate to people. through BVAS and INEC Servers to perfect our voting exercise to have more credible or so reliable results to produce credible leaders in Government of the next political dispensation.

“However, the hackers attempt was disturbing while vote buying was at its worst practice despite the Naira redesign and cash crunch for the Nigerians making the winners to look as beneficiaries of the highest syndrome.

“However, we need to congratulate the winners for peace to reign and the transition to be smooth for the emerging leaders to be able to perform under conducive and peaceful environment. After all, those who feel cheated or unsatisfied with the results have the basic alternative to seek redress in the court of law.

“We congratulate your Excellency over your second term bid success. The first Road of Oja’ba – Oranyan axis reconstructed by your Government and the Renovation of the First Central Mosque, Oja’ba, Ibadan endear all of us to you and your Government. May your name never be soiled.

“Every government is responsible to its people in the areas of food, clothing, and shelter. Unfortunately, this is the core around which everything else revolves. It is still a surprise that no Governor in Nigeria, past or present has quite got this basic tenet of governance right. Only with improved income could people seek to build personal homes, however, when government goes into low-cost housing scheme for people, the challenge of food and clothing would without much ado be surmounted.

“Thus, my advice is that the Governor take a cursory look into low-cost housing scheme for civil servants and other people in the society with regular incomes to procure. Work on the complaint of the people.

“In specifics, I put forward the following for consideration:

At the end of this second four years what would you be noted for? The first has been known to cater for civil servants, what of other areas? Start with this end in mind. Go back in history of the first four years, what area or sector were left unattended, give them attention this time around. Focus should be on good government not politics which drains energy and time. Practice management by walking around.

“Set performance goals, with high priority goals for local governments should be established. Each head should set out how it and its agencies will accomplish the goal. This information should be available in public domain.

Employees more often than not have experiences that can improve the administrative environment, but rarely are not given the opportunity to air their opinions.

“Give greater attention to the current state of State Universities and Polytechnic Campuses; give them suitable look and review their tuitions to be affordable to all; attend to the gloomy state of our water works; provide standard road networks that is not coloured with political undertone; pay attention to the poor state of major towns in Oyo state; rehabilitate our general hospitals and be fair to all the 33 local government areas of the state.

The issue of high sense of insecurities bedeviling the State is a call for concern and action.

“As a religious leader who has observed Nigerian politics for some time, the most important advice I am going to give you is to be prayerful. Also, politics is local, I advise you to increase your local presence.

“On a final note, do not perceive other political parties as arch enemies for peace to reign and accelerated development that will be sustainable and bequeathable to mark the era of Omituntun 2.0 as your second term Blessing.”he concluded.

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