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The imbroglio between the Soun of Ogbomoso, Oba Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye and the Chief Imam of Ogbomoso, Sheik Teliat Yunus Ayilara took another dimension as Ogbomoso Muslim community under the aegis of Special Committee on Islamic Affairs in Ogbomosholand in conjunction with League of Imams and Alfas in Ogbomoso land called on the Chief Imam to caution his statements and reactions towards the stool of Soun and Oba Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye.

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The Islamic bodies described the Chief Imam Ayilara’s recent reactions to Oba Olaoye’s query as act of insubordination not only to Soun, but also to the highly revered stool of Soun of Ogbomoso, stressing that Muslim community in Ogbomoso will not allow anybody to tarnish the image of the monarch.

Recall that Oba Olaoye, in a letter dated 10th June, 2024 issued query to Chief Imam Ayilara for going to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj exercise without informing him (Soun), saying what the Chief Imam did was in contrast with the undertaking he signed before he became the Chief Imam.

It was on record that the Soun, Oba Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye and the Chief Imam of Ogbomoso Sheik Yunus Ayilara have been at loggerhead with each other few months ago before the recent happenings.

The Chief Imam in his response Soun’s query said office of the Chief Imam is not a traditional title. He noted that the position of Chief Imam is not under the control of the Soun of Ogbomoso, hence, Soun has no power to query him.

Ayilara in his response further maintained that since there is ongoing case between him and Soun at the court of law, there is no need for him to formally inform Soun of his travelling to Saudi Arabia for Hajji.

It is important to also recall that the Justice K.B. Olawoyin of an Oyo State High Court sitting in Ogbomoso had earlier barred the Soun of Ogbomoso and kingmakers in Ogbomoso land, led by Chief Sobalaje Otolorin from removing the Chief Imam of Ogbomoso, Sheik Teliat Yunus Ayilara.


While addressing newsmen over the issue on Saturday, the Balogun Musulumi of Ogbomosho land, Alhaji Bello Ayobami said Muslims in Ogbomoso will not allow any unforseen forces to cause disunity in Ogbomoso land.

•••Balogun Musulumi of Ogbomosholand, Alhaji Bello Ayobami addressing journalists in Ogbomoso over the weekend..

He maintained that religion has never caused crisis in Ogbomoso despite having Muslims, Christians and even traditional worshippers living together in the town. Stressing that Soun has prerogative to choose any Muslim from any family of his choice as the Chief Imam of Ogbomoso land.

He said, “The steps taken by the Chief Imam Ayilara has polarized and has caused deep division among Ogbomoso Muslims.

“The social media was washed with various derogatory, abusive, insults, deformation, and insubordination to the Throne of Ogbomsoland. His Imperial Majesty, the Soun of 0gbomosoland, Oba Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye Orumogege ll in innocent all of these defamatory and insinuation against him.

“We are hereby calling on the whole world to discountenance all these false accusations His Imperial Majesty, the Soun of Ogbomosoland. We shall not allow some extraneous forces to cause disaffection amongst us in Ogbomoso, in every family compound in Ogbomoso, there are Christians, Muslims and Traditional Worshippers and there bonded, and banded relationship has never caused any division amongst us.”

“We intermarries, celebrate every festival together as one united family. Any ruling house in Ogbomosland whose turn it is to produce a candidate for the throne can present any candidate of their choice, be a Christian, Muslim, or Traditional worshiper.”

“Finally, we the name Muslim Leaders to who have great stake in the affairs of the Muslim community, have taken the panic to explain the givens of how the Ogbomoso central mosque of Oja’gbo came into being and how it had been administered by the various Souns throne any point in time.

“Our own peculiarity here in Ogbomoso is that the Ogbomoso central Mosque is one an castrial heritage of the Soun dynasty as the Kaaba – the Haram in Makka and the Masjid Anabawy in the Medina in the exclusive property of the Saudi Arabia Coyat Family. And so the sole authority in the appointments of Chief Imams that will lead packaged in that Mosque.”

“In 1946, a Muslim group formed with the consent of the then reigning Soun, Oba Lawani Oke Olanipekun Olaoye Orumogege Il 1945 – 1952 known Egbe Killa volunteered themselves to the Kabiesi to allow them source for finds to rebuild the Ogbomoso Central Mosque, which built with mud sands in 1909 during the reign of Oba Olayode the 1st. they are to use molded bricks for the mosque a suggestion that go the belonging of Oba Lawani Olanipekun Olaoye Orumogege l.


Court Sacks Ghandi As Soun Of Ogbomoso, Orders Fresh Selection Process

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At the meeting were the Aare Musulumi of Ogbomosho land, Alhaji Abdulganiy Owodunni, Bashorun Musulumi of Ogbomosho land, Alhaji Alimi Sarumi, Asaju Musulumi of Ogbomosho land, Alhaji Mikael Bello, and the Secretary, Special Committe on Islamic Affiars in Ogbomosho land, Alhaji Abdul Azeez Oladiran among others.

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