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Nigerians have been advised to exercise more patience and tolerance even in the midst of the economy hardship that is hitting hard on individuals across the country due to the removal of fuel subsidy.

Addressing journalists shortly after declaring open the 34th Anniversary of The Muslim’s In Light Organization (Sufi Centre Nigeria)  tagged Al-Murshid 2023, at the city Zawiah of the Sufi Centre, Challenge, Ibadan, the Grand Sheikh of the organization, Master RTB Akinbile confirmed that Nigeria as a country has entered into the era of establishment.

Master RTB Akinbile while speaking on the theme of the anniversary, “Established and Made A Ruler By The Light of Allah”, said “We have entered a new era in Nigeria, we have entered into the era of establishment, we are establishing Nigeria now and in the course of this establishment there will be initial pains because  establishment means we are finding our feet, we’re getting grounded, we’re becoming firm as a nation and we’re becoming responsible for our destiny, that’s what it means and that’s what we’re doing right now.”

Master Akinbile in his words further said, “I see our government being led to do things in a new way by God, now what they’re doing is to lay a solid foundation so that the country might become responsible, and according to our theme, which stated that “I Am Established “ this means that our nation is established, and made a ruler, so it means we are about to rule Africa, we’re about to become the true giant of Africa that we’ve been claiming, so it’s something good, it’s something to rejoice about, what the Holy Quran taught us is that when it is about to be good there will be some pains, some difficulties, some hardship, with every difficulties ease will come, progress will come, expansion will come, growth will come, so my advise to the federal government is to keep being on the track to continue to establish our institutions, to continue to establish our economy, to continue to lay a good foundation for our security, this is the time to lay foundation, this is the time to get solidly established, and that’s what they’re doing.”

While addressing Nigerians, RTB Akinbile said, “My advise to Nigerians is to be patient and persevere, because there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel, we’re going somewhere, now we know where we’re going, and we’re bound to get there, so we’re no longer in the wilderness, so we are in the era of establishment, we are going to rule Africa and the world at large.”

“There are lots of hope for Nigerians, as a matter of fact, Allah is encouraging us to recharge our batteries to get our selves ready for this is a new time, this is a new period, our hope that we have will result in something great, our hope is not an hopeless hope, this is an hope that is going to give us a greater Nigeria, we’re going to become richer than before, we’re going to rise among other nations of the world, individual Nigerians will have a new life, is time for a new life, everyone is been established to become a responsible citizen, we have left the era of enslavement, we are now in the era of standing by yourself and being able to proclaim and get something out of this country, this is a country that is so bless, so we can harness the blessings of the nation to enrich our lives and grow our country.”

“So, my solid message is that a renew hope is not something that is sell by the politicians, it has been injected into our blood by God Almighty, there is hope for us and there is hope for this nation that we are arising, that we are going somewhere, that we’re going to become formidable and a force to be reckoned with.” Akinbile said.

The event was graced by the Olubadan of Ibadanland, who was represented by Mogaji Yakub Adio, The Chief Imam of Ibadan and Yorubaland who was also represented by Khalifah Ismail Olaide, Oyo State Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning, Professor Musbau Babatunde, among other dignitaries.

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