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•••Sacks General Secretary Buches Nwosu Over Gross Misconduct, Insubordination

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the Consolidated APC Grassroots Movement (CAGraM) at its meeting held at the multipurpose hall situated inside Bazzan Plaza, Central Business District, Abuja on Thursday February 29th, appealed to Nigerians both home and abroad to support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s economic recovery plan for the country.

This call was made by the National Working Committee of CAGraM during an extraordinary meeting of the group that was attended by 33 out of 52 members of the Committee.

The National Chairman of the Movement called on Nigerians to support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as the president and his team are working towards restoring the country’s economy after a long period of decay. Stressing that the administration of President Tinubu is working tirelessly to restore long lasting solutions to the nation’s economic woes.

The group, while recounting that this government is about eight (8) months old, and would need time to deliver on its promises to the people, therefore calls on Nigerians to be patient as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The resolution of CAGraM NWC, which was read to the pressmen by Engr. Salisu Mogaji, National Chairman of the Movement, announced the removal of Lord Buches Nwosu, ENG, as the General Secretary.

The statement reads as follows: The national working committee (NWC) of CAGraM, comprising 52 members in its subsequent meetings and today with 33 members in attendance, made the following resolutions:

1. Economic Situation of Nigeria The committee is aware of the current predicament in the country and urges Nigerians to continue their support and patience as the president, his excellency President Bola Ahamed Tinubu, and our great party, APC, are working hard to alleviate the situation.

2. Ratification of CAGraM Bye-Law  The bye-law was adopted in principle, while a six-member panel led by Barrister Wada Bashir Isiaku has been set up.

3. New CAGraM data base and APK A new committee of three ICT experts has been constituted to be chaired by Engr. Ibrahim Lukman, the CAGraM Director of ICT.

4. Removal of Lord Butches Emmanuel Nwosu, Engr. The committee ratified the removal of Lord Butches Emmanuel Nwosu as the national secretary of CAGraM, following the recommendation of various investigation committees by majority executives.

5. Expulsion of Lord Butches Emmanuel Nwosu The committee also ratified the expulsion of Lord Emmanuel Butches Nwosu, Engr., as the national secretary and member of the Consolidated APC Grassroots Movement (CAGraM).

6. Recovery of CAGraM property with Lord Emmanuel Butches Nwosu. A committee was set up to recover CAGraM properties with Lord Butches Emmanuel Nwosu as follows:

a. All CAGraM membership records.

b. All CAGraM records of accounts and expenditures.
c. All CAGraM money in his possession.
d. The data base of CAGraM and all access codes.
e. All secretariat documents of CAGraM.  f. All CAGraM social media platforms; WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, websites, e.t.c.
g. Any other things that belong to CAGraM that are in his possession.

Engr. Salisu Mogaji, while feeding questions from journalists, attributed the expulsion of Lord Buches Nwosu from the organization to gross misconduct and an act of insubordination, and said that this decision was reached after exhausting all necessary mechanisms of internal conflict resolution provided by the organization by law.

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