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The President of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Worldwide, Pastor Henry Ojo has expressed his optimism that Nigeria will be great again, just has he called on Nigerians to keep on praying for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to have a successful tenure in office.

Speaking during the site inspection of the CAC Administrative Secretariat, located at Atanda Osengere along Ife-Ibadan Expressway, Pastor Ojo renewed hope of Nigerians in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu led administration.

The clergyman while briefing journalists on the current situation of things in the country, urged Nigerians to be expecting a turn around miracle in the country as we commenced the journey of year 2024.The CAC President who was on inspection tour to the site with other ministers of God like the General Superintendent of CAC Worldwide, Pastor James Onagoa, the General Secretary, Pastor Ejide Aladesaye, the  General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide, Prophet Richard Kolawole, the General Overseer Of CAC Reformation Land, Prophet Timothy Abass Arabambi, the  Chairman of the Building Committee, Pastor Michael Sunday Oluwatoba, among others said, “To me, Tinubu has been making efforts since he came on board to fix this country, let us continue to support him through our prayers. and support him, and Nigerians should condemn the evil acts being perpetrated, by and by, we shall get over the predicament.”

In his words, Pastor Henry Ojo said, “Politically, we should not expect much, but by divine intervention, we should expect a turn around miracle for this country in 2024. I know the president and the leadership are trying to fix the country but, if the Lord doesn’t build the house those who are building would labour in vain.

“We cannot rule out divine intervention. I said recently that the problem we have in Nigeria is not only about the leadership but also about the followers. Miracle will make the heart of men change, and it is when the heart of Nigerians change that we will love one another. If I live in love and I know that if I do a thing it would work against the interest of others, I will not do it thereby Nigeria will be a better country.”

“If God does not change the heart of men things will not change. For some years now, we are exposed to attacks. To destroy things is easier than to build. It will take a lot of efforts for the government to put things right.”

While speaking on the ongoing CAC Secretariat project, Pastor Ojo expressed satisfaction over the level of work done so far on the site.

He said, “Though we faced various challenges in the course of the construction of this building but we are grateful to God that all ended in praise. We proposed 3 billion naira for this project, but now we’ve spent about N300 million so far on the construction of the main Administrative Complex which comprising about 32 offices.”

“The reason why it takes us a long time before we can have a place like this is as a result of our vision or innovation. Any soldier without a barracks is a rebel. For us to have a place where everybody will come to do proper administration, there is a need for us to have a befitting secretariat. We thank God that has brought it up to this level.”

“In Nigeria, we have the federal secretariat, we have the state and the local government secretariats. If there is no secretariat, administration will not go smoothly. So, this place provides an avenue for proper administration in Christ Apostolic Church. We will have different departments there like the Sunday School Department, the Youth Department, the Men Department and so on; everyone of us will be under this roof to make sure that what needs to be done is done properly.” Ojo said.

In his words, the Chairman of the Building Committee, Pastor Michael Sunday Oluwatoba, said that construction of the Secretariat started in year 2017, linking the success of the site to the doggedness of the CAC President Pastor Henry Ojo, the CAC General Superintendent, General Secretary and others top ranking ministers of God.

Pastor Oluwatoba said,  “The success of the project was achieved through oneness of purpose. We first started by buying nine hectares and later we bought more.”

The General Superintendent of CAC Worldwide, Pastor James Onagoa in his remarks at the site, stressed that the pace of work at the site was affected by cashless policy, Covid-19 among other exigencies.

He said, “By the grace of God, we will continue to build on the level where it is currently. God who started the project will complete it. Every department of the church will have its office here.”

Pastor Aladesaye said that the Ministry had been on the process of ensuring unity in the Christ Apostolic Church for some years. “The Bible says that we should pursue peace with all men. Meetings upon meetings are going on  both official and private, and we are praying that our efforts will come to fruition in 2024.”

The General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide, Prophet Kolawole stressed that the success of this project will strengthen the unity and progress in Christ Apostolic Church more than before.

He said, “When members see this structure, they will be able to confirm that this is where their money is being spent and they will be encouraged to do more. This shows that the money was not embezzled. It shows that the management has a vision.This place has a lot of space to accommodate all our offices. We will now come together and work together here. Others structures, the house of the president, general superintendent, general secretary and that of the finance director will be built within the secretariat. There will also be a church auditorium and school at the centre.”

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