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YCE Warns FG Over Postponement Of General Elections, Berates Obj Over Obi’s Endorsement

•••says more than 90 per cent of Yoruba are fed up with Nigeria

By Our Reporter


YCE elders have warned against postponement of general elections.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that Senior Elders Forum of the Yoruba Council of Elders(YCE) have warned the Federal Government never to postpone the February general elections, noting that such move could usher in chaos and anarchy into the country.

The elders also said more than 90 per cent of people in the South West are fed up with the “concoction called Nigeria”.

The senior citizens who spoke through the former National President of YCE, Dansaaki Col. Samuel Adeleye(rtd) said this in a statement Tuesday in Ibadan maintained that except for a negligible few who are eating mere “crumbs that fell from their masters’ table”, a greater percentage prefer to sit at a roundtable to renegotiate the amalgamation of Nigeria which has since expired.

The YCE elders through the statement said, “From our own intelligence report, more than 90 per cent of Yoruba people are already fed up with the present concoction called Nigeria. It is only those who are feeding on the crumbs that fell from their masters’ table that are still paying homage to their Northern leaders”.

While warning against postponement of the general election fixed for February this year, they reasoned that postponing the election would only mean postponing the evil day adding that somehow in the future, the country will still have to be confronted with that problem.

They frowned at the protest that took place at Ojota in Lagos which resulted in the death of some young Nigerians scolding the people that organisers for exposing the youths to danger while they sit back abroad and watch them on the television.

“We, the elders heard a report that the protest was organised by some people outside the country. This made us a bit unhappy because those people who organised it didn’t come to lead or supervise the protest so as to prevent it from being violent. We can’t allow our youths to be used as cannon folders”.

“If we had an inkling that they were going to hold the protest, we would have said no, don’t do it because Nigeria is in a dangerous situation especially now when election is just about 45 days. At the moment, whoever organised that protest chose a wrong time. This is a highly volatile and sensitive period. People should do more of planning and thinking”.

“INEC which had been saying it’s up to the task is already becoming jittery; everyone is wondering if we are going to be safe. We won’t blame INEC if it’s feeling insecure. The issues of agitation are mounting in every book and crannies of this country. If INEC is up to the task, it should go ahead because if they cancel the election, it is just postponing the evil day”.

“Insecurity could likely go unabated. Postponing the election could lead us into chaos and anarchy. If they cancel the election, will President Buhari be there till May 29 next year? Will he still be in Aso Rock?

YCE advised the youths not to allow themselves to be used by some people who stay in their comfort zone abroad and tell them to face bullets at home.

The apex Yoruba non political association stated that Afenifere being a political group reserved the rights to express its opinion but Yoruba people know which direction they will follow in the election.

On the letter written by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo supporting the Presidential Candidate of Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, YCE urged people in the zone to dismiss it with a wave of hands noting it has become habitual for the ex president to write letters but Nigerians especially Yoruba are wiser now to choose the person they want to lead them.

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