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By Kazeem Awojoodu, Ibadan.

Concerned by the insecurity challenges in their region, members of Yoruba Race Across the World, under the aegis of the Yoruba Self-Determination Organisations Homeland has launched a security outfit codename Apapo Egbe Abo Ile Oodua.

Briefing journalists shortly after the inauguration of the security outfit in Ibadan, the newly appointed National Leader of the Yoruba Self-Determination Organizations Homeland, Dr. Victor Taiwo stressed that the initiative of the groups is to bring together all the defence-inclined organizations in the homeland under one canopy.

Dr. Taiwo said, “We are here today to address the world about the danger of racial extinction which we are most unfortunately and shamefully facing within the entity of Nigerian country.

“The calls that I received in recent time by our people in the diaspora asking me what we are doing about the devasting scenes of crimes committed by unknown invaders in our land and the influx of strangers in multitude of luxurious buses and trailers into our territory have mount pressure on me and I must confess over the last the 28 years of my commitment to the Yoruba cause, I have never been so put in a tight corner of pressure over the overwhelming danger in which we have been enmeshed in our land.

“Since my assumption of duty as the newly appointed leader of Yoruba Self-Determination Organizations the initiative that we have brought on board include to identify the defence-inclined organizations and bring all together for the service of protecting our land, and under this initiative, we have formed a new identity know as “YORUBA HOMELAND DEFENCE AND SECURITY INITIATIVE (YOHDESI), codename Apapo Egbe Abo Ile Oodua.” Taiwo said.

Dr. Taiwo noted that the newly launched security initiative is predominantly meant to defend the land, the name, identity being courtesy of that great man Chief Tola Adeniyi, noted that having brought all the defence-inclined groups together, the next challenge is to generate the fund for action.

“We are not going to be fighting anybody or any tribe but we have mapped out strategies that we will use in flushing criminal elements out of our land within three to six months if we have the financial support from our people. He said.

Taiwo in his supplication prayed to God to touch the hearts of the people of means who will see the reason why their fatherland must not go into extinction.

He said, I’m appealing to all the money giants I have reached out to at one time or the other to have a rethink on the issue on ground and give room for rectification, I also appeal to all and sundry both in homeland and in the diaspora concerned with our plight to come to our aid banking on my leadership record of credibility, integrity, probity, honesty, accountability, and all the characters of omoluabi you can identify.

He also noted that a board of trustees comprising some elders of integrity and impeccable characters will be emplaced to run the financial order of the system.

With the newly launched security outfit, Dr. Taiwo vowed to return peace and tranquility to Yorubaland.

He said, if the we have all the financial support, I assure you all in the name of God Almighty that peace and tranquility would return to Yorubaland and fear of enemy transgression and annihilation would vamoose from our clime in a matter of 30 to 60 days.

Dr. Taiwo also make use of the medium in clearing the air about the perceived leadership tussle between him and Prof. Banji Akintoye.

He said, “on 18th of May, 2022, there was a very big event at the House of Chiefs, Parliament Buildings, Agodi Secretariat Ibadan, where a large number of Yoruba organizations across the land deemed it fit to out the challenge of leadership on my head as the National leadership of the Yoruba Self-Determination Organisations Homeland in view of the vacuum left in the leadership of Yorubaland with the absence of Prof. Banji Akintoye who has been in exile since a couple of years now, and since then I have been inundated with calls from across the world asking me what we are doing about the crises of insecurity in Yorubaland.

The event was well attended by all representatives of Yoruba Self-Determination Organizations such as Oodua Progressive Congress (OPC), Agbekoya Group, Soludero, Local Hunters, Traditionalists, Chiefs and religion leaders among others.

***Dr. Victor Taiwo addressing journalists over the newly launched security outfit for south west region…

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