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Ten exceptional Nigerian youths have emerged victorious in a competitive international selection process, earning the prestigious honor of representing their nation at the upcoming World Youth Festival (WYF) in Russia, scheduled for March 1-7, 2024.

This international gathering, with over 22,000 participants, provides a unique platform for young minds to showcase their talents, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and cultural heritage on a global stage.

These talented individuals will join hands with peers from over 190 countries, engaging in diverse activities across various fields like business, science, culture, education, and social impact. The festival promises to be a vibrant hub for fostering international cooperation, igniting new ideas, and celebrating the rich tapestry of human potential.

Beyond individual achievements, the WYF presents a pivotal opportunity for Nigeria to, boost its socio-economic and investment profile: The festival attracts leading figures and potential investors across various sectors.

By actively participating, Nigeria can showcase its potential and attract investments in critical areas like infrastructure, technology, and innovation.

Strengthen business relationships and brand cooperation: Engaging with international counterparts fosters valuable connections and opens doors for collaboration on mutually beneficial projects.

Champion youth development and empowerment: The WYF provides a platform for young Nigerians to share their knowledge, expertise, and aspirations with the world, inspiring future generations and accelerating their own growth.

However, two of these shining stars face a critical hurdle. Lack of sufficient funding threatens their ability to participate in this transformative event. This is where we call upon the Nigerian community, both within the nation and across the globe, to rally behind these young ambassadors and ensure their dreams of representing Nigeria on the world stage become a reality.

Oseni Yusuf Salami, speaking to Newsmen in Ibadan, Oyo state capital earlier today, the Nigerian Team Coordinator for WYF Russia 2024, emphasizes the importance of support.

“These ten youths are not just representing themselves, they are carrying the hopes and aspirations of an entire nation on their shoulders. By supporting their participation, we invest in the future of Nigeria, fostering positive change and propelling our nation towards a brighter tomorrow.”

Salami encourages individuals and organizations to lend their support, big or small to meet up the deadline of February 15th through financial contributions, donations for flight tickets for 2 participants, a one night hotel in Abuja before departure for the team and other essential expenses will directly empower these young representatives to shine brightly at the WYF.

Amplifying their stories: Sharing their achievements and the significance of their participation across social media platforms can raise awareness and garner wider support.

Connecting them with potential sponsors: Companies or individuals seeking to invest in the future of Nigeria can consider sponsoring these talented youths, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Together, we can ensure that these young Nigerians take their rightful place at the WYF, showcasing the best of our nation and paving the way for a brighter future.

For more information, to offer support, or to connect with Team Coordinator Oseni Yusuf Salami, please reach out to yusufoseni01@gmail.com or +2349038900057.

Let’s stand united and empower these young minds to represent Nigeria with pride at the WYF Russia 2024!

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