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30 Young Learners Graduated From Faozey’s Free Tech Hub Robotic/ Coding Summer Class
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No fewer than 30 young learners have graduated from Faozey’s free tech hub training on robotic and coding summer class.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that no fewer than 30 young learners have graduated from a free Oyo Tech Hub Robotic and Coding summer classes facilitated by Engr. Faozey Nurudeen.

Engr. Faozey Nurudeen an Accord Party candidate for Oyo Central Senatorial District In his efforts to ensure that kids have well needed knowledge in technology applications most especially in the area of robotic and coding on Friday presented certificate of participant to not less than thirty (30) young learners in Oyo town.

Engr. Faozey who organized the training through his organization, the Oyo Tech Hub during the closing and graduation ceremony for the class 2022 summer robotic and coding class charged the beneficiaries to use their skills to the benefit of mankind.

The Flag-bearer of Accord Party for Oyo Central Senatorial District also presented branded T-shirts to the beneficiaries that were grouped into two demonstration sessions.

During the graduating event, the young  learners of different ages were asked to present their projects, to validate the skills they all acquired from the just concluded training, as the young learners under the age of 11 which was all about using robotic sensor to test soil moistures. This lasted for about  20mins, to the excitement of their watching parents.

This was followed by another powerful demo session from the age 15 learners. The group used robots to demonstrate the three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas properties to the disbelieve of the parents and onlookers at the event.

The program which started with the Hub’s aims and objectives delved into a brief history of the Founder, Engr. Faozey Nurudeen, while the essence of the training Young Learners in Coding and Robotic Skills was then presented  by the Hub manager, Mr Ibukun Atoro.

However with the development, parents of the beneficiaries of Engr. Faozey Nurudeen, the Accord Party candidate for Oyo Central Senatorial District have pledged their unflitching support for his senatorial ambition for training their kids through his Oyo Tech Hub Robotic and Coding free summer class 2022 session.

The parents of no fewer than 30 young learners that benefitted from the robotic and coding training who could not hide their joy while their kids were displaying the skilled that they have been taught during the training class maintained that Engr. Faozey is a blessing not to just Oyo state but the entire country as whole.

One of the excited parents, Mr. Alimi Busari a trader, who spoke on behalf of others couldn’t contain his joy, seeing his kids displaying skills acquired from the free Oyo Tech Hub.

He said, “Engr Faozey is a blessing, not just to the senatorial district but to the State as well as the country at large.” He prayed for more wealth for Faozey, and also begged God to grant him his heart desires.

Alimi further said, myself and the rest are very proud of Faozey and we so happy for what we have seen here today, with the short period of training our children have changed for better, we using this medium to pledge our unflitching support for his senatorial ambition.”

“We are so confident that his representation if voted in as our  senator will surely bring quality representation to the people of Oyo Central senatorial district, which has lacked good representation in the previous years even till date.” He said.

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