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The Turaki Adini of Oyo state, Engr Abduljelyl Adekunle Karheem, Mogaji Adanla has petitioned the Oyo state Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde over an alleged plan by the Ibadan North Traditional Council to install ‘Baale Ijokodo through the backdoor.

He equally stated that a copy of the petition will be dispatched to the offices of the State Commissioner of Police, Director of State Security Services (DSS), as well as the Olubadan of Ibadanland by tomorrow morning, Friday July 13.

Adanla in a statement on Thursday made available to journalists said a copy of the petition has already been delivered to and received by the Office of the Executive Chairman of Ibadan North Local Government today, July 12.

According to Engr. Karheem, two families; the Adanla and Akere family are jostling for the coveted Baale (traditional chief) stool and were still awaiting to know outcome of an investigation said to be carried out on both families before a new Baale would emerge.

While accusing Mogaji Akere of bias, Adanla explained that the two families were duly invited and interviewed by the Ibadan North Traditional Council on March 14, 2023 after which further findings were expected to be carried out on both families before final ratification.

Adanla stated that the Traditional Council had after the interview promised to communicate back to the two parties jostling for the seat, saying the outcome of the finding was yet to be communicated to his family.

Contrary to the spirit of the last discussion held between the Ibadan North traditional council however, Adanle expressed shock and regret that Mogaji Akere was making frantic move to without regards for due process influence the Council to get his family member installed through the backdoor.

Adanla stated that such move was a inimical to crisis and clear invitation to an avoidable trouble while advising that such attempt should be jettisoned immediately warning that the Adanla family would not fold its arms for what was described as ‘recklessness play out before its eyes in place of a civilized and orderly process known to law, custom, and tradition of Ibadanland.

Adanla statement reads in part: “Attention of the Olubadan of Ibadanland, the executive governor of oyo state and the Commissioner of police, the Director of DSS on the recklessness of Ibadan north local government traditional council over an attempt by One Mogaji moshud Akere to install a member of his family as Baale ijokodo without following due process.

“History has it that he became mogaji through the same way and that is probably why he has always been denied access to the Akere family house.

“The position we’re vying for is the Baale of Ijokodo and it’s being contested between my family, the Adanlas and Akeres.

“In March 2023, we were invited by the Ibadan North Local Government Traditional Council where Ijokodo community falls under and they interviewed both parties.

“It’s not an unusual practice. After interviewing the parties what they do is they carry out their investigation, they will invite both parties again and tell them the outcome of such investigation but in this case, contrary to the customary practice, we discovered that the Akere family are going through the backdoor to connive with head of the traditional Council of Ibadan North to install their own person as the Baale of Ijokodo.

This action is enough to cause breach of public peace in the community, that’s why we are raising the alarm and to sound note of warning to anybody trying to frustrate due process to cause avoidable crisis so that the palace can be called to order by the authorities.”

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