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The Chairman Planning Committee Iroko Community Grammar school 1983 set 40th anniversary, Ambassador Akinremi Bolaji on Saturday tasked all students to always give back to their alma mater.

Ambassador Akinremi gave the task while speaking in Iroko at the 40th anniversary of the 1983 set held at the school’s playing ground.

The Chairman Planning Committee stressed that there is the need for every set of graduates of the school “to do whatever they can, within their power, as their widow’s mite to uplift the standards of the school.”

“At least, out of the black of Iroko Community Grammar school, our white palp has come out, immaculately sparkling.” He said.

Ambassador Bolaji added, “God has helped him and his foundation to renovate 4 Classrooms.They are ready for commissioning today.”

“In conclusion, let me remind that Iroko Community Grammar school has contributed immensely in assisting us to be who and what we are today. This is so important because all you need to become the President of our great nation, Nigeria, is just a secondary school certificate, either pass or fail.”

The Senator representing Oyo Central Senatorial District, Senator Yunus Akintunde while speaking lauded the 1983 set for deeming it fit to give back to their alma matter, on Saturday said the rots in the education sector has nothing to do with Nigeria’s politics and governance.

The Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Environment urged other old students to emulate the ICGS 1983 set.

Speaking with journalists, Senator Akintunde said there is no link between the decay in public facilities and politics, adding that “non-governmental participation, individual intervention in the nation’s educational sector must be encouraged to reverse the dilapidation of public utilities in the country.”

“The dilapidation situation of education infrastructure has nothing to do with our political structure. It’s purely a policy issue and it’s not only educational infrastructure. These days you see so many thousand polls of solar street light on. Governments are putting them on now. There is no provision for their maintenance, so in five years’ time, they will all become dead.” He said.

The anniversary was marked with the commissioning of 4 renovated classrooms and administrative block as well as novelty match between the old students and the new students of the school.

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