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The much-awaited tradition seclusion rites for the new Aseyin of Iseyin, Prince Sefiu Olawale Oyebola, Adeyeri 111, is set to begin on Thursday evening.

The Chronicler Newspaper exclusively gathered that on Thursday afternoon that all necessary traditional requirements for appeasement processes, prayers and others have been procured.

The new Aseyin will also undergo historical journey of tutelage about his fore-bearers, how they ruled, background of each ancient household among other things.

The Chief Priest of Iseyin (Oluwo Aseyin of Iseyinland), High Chief Ifasoji Adeyemi, in a telephone conversation with our correspondent, said the Aaba Odo Aseyin, would lead the new King to ‘Igbo Oba’ (King’s Forest) and hand him over to the priests for the commencement of the rites.

“We are entering the Igbo Oba tonight to commence the rites, From Aaba Itan groove to Aaba Odo Iseyin to Igbo Imokin for the continuation of the process for the next seven days,” he explained.

Oluwo Aseyin used the medium to warn Iseyin residents that are willing to witness the process not to film or take photographs at the grooves, as the traditional rites are sacrilege and not meant for public consumption.


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