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The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic,ASUP, The Polytechnic , Ibadan chapter has called on the Oyo state governor ‘Seyi Makinde to urgently review the activities of Platinum Consultants it engaged to generate and save funds for the state government in all the state owned polytechnics and other institutions saying that the activities of the consultant is affecting the efficient and effective running of the institutions.

The ASUP Chairman of the institution, Dr. Kola Lawal who raised the alarm while addressing the press at the Assembly Hall of the Polytechnic emphasized the need for government to review the activities of Platinum Consultants which he said has become an impediment to the smooth operations of the institutions.

The ASUP insisted that the consultant in its currents role has unfortunately become a hindrance rather than a facilitator to the smooth running of our institution, contrary to the widely claimed objectives of saving money for the government.

“The consequences of their involvement are now evident in the impediment to the institution’s day- day operations severely affecting the functionality of the academic faculties, department and units.”

“The so called consultant has turned himself into a contractor approving contracts and procurements for himself within the institution”, it alleged.

While also calling on the state government for the preservation of educational autonomy and proper funding ,also harps on the need for the government to address

shortage of academic staff, wage increase, infrastructural decay among others.

“The polytechnic Ibadan is grappling with a severe shortage of academic staff, a situation that has resulted in untold hardships, immense pressure, and overwhelming academic burden on few lecturers who tirelessly strive to maintain the institution’s high standard. With a current academic staff strength of approximately 300, it is evident that this number falls significantly short when measured against the standard set by NBTE.”

Speaking on the need for constitution of Governing Council, ASUP maintained that “the absence of a functioning council has created a void significantly impacting the administration processes , policy implementation, strategic planning, effective decision making and overall smooth operation of activities within the institution, the consequences of their vacuum are becoming increasingly evident, jeopardizing the institution’s ability to make timely decisions and progress in alignment with the vision and mission.”

On the appointment of new Rector for The Polytechnic, Ibadan, ASUP urged the government to ensure compliance with NBTE guidelines by appointing a chief lecturer as Rector.

“The practice of appointing a reader or professor from a University not only contradicts the recent guideline for NBTE but also disrupt the efficient functioning of the Polytechnic system.”

“In accordance with the NBTE Guideline only Chief lecturer currently working within the polytechnic sector are eligible to lead Polytechnic as Rectors” , ASUP maintained.

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