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The Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Oyo State chapter, Kayode Martins, on Tuesday said the pressing issues in the country, are beyond the recent wage award extension by Governor Seyi Makinde, stating that the situation on ground has surpassed the governor’s proactive gesture.

While expressing appreciation for Governor  Makinde’s efforts, Martins emphasised that matters have escalated, and they are prepared to address the broader concerns.

Regarding the national signal for protests, Martins noted Oyo State’s alignment with the directive and expressed readiness to act accordingly.

He anticipated developments on the minimum wage issue at the national level in the coming week as the committee begins its deliberations.

Martins announced a two-day nationwide protest, emphasizing its peaceful nature, to signal to authorities that the current conditions are unfavorable for the masses.

He urged the government at all level to seize the opportunity to address the prolonged issues promptly.

Martins said: “The economic situation in the country is dire, and it is having a devastating impact on workers and their families. We are committed to working with the government to find solutions, but we will not back down until we see real progress.”

“The issue of wage award is just the tip of the iceberg. The root causes of the economic hardship faced by workers are much deeper and require serious attention from the government.”

“We need to see a comprehensive and coherent economic plan from the government that will address the underlying causes of the economic hardship in the country.”

“We are calling on the government to engage in genuine consultation with the workers and their representatives, and to take into consideration their views and concerns. Workers must be at the heart of any economic plan.”

“The willingness of workers in Oyo State to join the nationwide protest is a testament to the gravity of the situation and the frustration of the people. The economic hardship has become a national issue, and workers across the country are feeling the impact. By joining the protest, workers in Oyo State are sending a strong message to the government that they are not willing to accept the status quo,” Martins said.

Also speaking, the Chairman of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Bosun Olabiyi, emphasized the need for action rather than prolonged meetings.

He noted that the deteriorating situation, not limited to Oyo State, where individuals linger in offices until the end of the week due to economic challenges.

The TUC Chairman stressed the urgency of addressing national issues, particularly the need for a minimum wage that reflects the cost of living.

“The cost of living has increased, wages have not kept pace, and unemployment is rising.”

“We are calling on the government to take concrete steps to create jobs, improve infrastructure, and prosperity that we have helped to create. This is not a radical demand, it is a just demand.”

“Finally, we call on all the people of Oyo State to unite behind a vision of shared prosperity and social justice. We cannot afford to remain divided, and we must work together to build a better future for our state and our country.”

“The decision to join the protest is a powerful statement of solidarity with the workers of Nigeria. It shows that the workers of Oyo State are prepared to stand up for their rights and to fight for a better future for all.”

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