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Alhaji Mohammed Idris, Minister of Information and National Orientation has stressed that it is never the intension of federal government to aggravate the hardship currently faced by Nigerians,stating that the recent increment in electricity tariff announced by the FG is pro-poor.

As a matter of fact he said the federal government is sustaining electricity subsidy to poor Nigerians by as much as 85%, noting that the recent adjusted tariff is targeted at 15% of the population comprising capable Nigerians willing to pay for it.

He noted that prior to the adjustment in tariff, the federal government was subsidizing electricity by as much is

N 2.9 trillion,almost the entire annual budget of the country.

Nigerians have faced severe hardship arizing from fuel subsidy removal, devaluation of the national currency, high inflation that has put cost of basic items including food and other services out of the reach of average households.

However in his opening remarks at the 4th Ministerial press briefing in Abuja on Friday, which featured the Minister of Power ,Works and House ,Adelabu Adebayo, Mohammed Idris affirmed that the tarrif adjustment was geared to improve performance in the sector and encourage investment in the power sector, presently bugged by decaying infrastructure.”

“A few days ago, the Federal Government unveiled a progressive policy in the power sector, which aims to boost sufficiency in power supply for all Nigerians. The most important aspect of the policy is that the Tinubu administration is sustaining electricity subsidy to 85% of Nigerian consumers, which re-justifies its credential as a Pro-People democratic government while effecting electricity tariff increment to only 15% of the electricity consumer population.”

“Misconceptions and concerns around the tariff review are understandable. However, let me reassure every Nigerian that this review is a strategic step toward a more sustainable, efficient, and equitable electricity sector. It lays the groundwork for significant improvements in service delivery, infrastructure development, and economic prosperity. Our focus must therefore remain steadfast on ensuring that the electricity sector’s transformation benefits all Nigerians, supports our industries, and propels our nation towards its bright future.”

The minister maintained that regular communication with Nigerians has so far succeeded in gradually restoring public trust in government, as he urged Nigerians to be patient with the government as it implements the renewed hope agenda.

“Since our last meeting with you, some salient achievements have taken place in our economy as we are all witnesses to the fact that through the implementation of some macroeconomic reforms, our foreign exchange market has stabilized and our beloved Naira is getting stronger daily.”

The recent establishment of the Presidential Economic Coordination Council and the Economic Management Team Emergency Task Force underscores Mr. President’s commitment to fostering a unified strategy for economic management that leverages the expertise and insights of key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. These teams will serve as platforms for robust discussions, analysis, and decision-making to drive sustainable economic growth, job creation, and prosperity for all Nigerians.”



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