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The Former Nigerian Ambassador to Republic of Philippines, Ambassador Yemi Farounbi has said that President Tinubu made hasty decision on fuel subsidy removal without proper consideration.

Dr. Yemi Farounbi, an ace broadcaster noted that Nigeria leaders need to be more visionary to be able to meet up with the needs of the masses.

The elderstatesman made this known while speaking with journalists on Tuesday in Ibadan during the Mega International Summit 2023;  themed Leadership and Youth Empowerment programmes organized by the Chief Executive Officer of Jagaban Television, Mr Adenitan Samuel.

Farounbi while reacting to questions by journalists on President Bola Tinubu’s independence day address said, “President Tinubu has not been thoughtful of Nigeria’s problem before contesting for the presidential election and that is the reason why he made  decisions on fuel subsidy removal without adequately considering the consequence behind it.”

“If President Tinubu has been so thoughtful, he wouldn’t have made a decision without a proper palliatives to cushion the effect, this issue of this fuel removal subsidy has cripple many businesses and many homes have been affected, it has affected prices of essential commodities in the market and it has brought more hardship to the masses, he made that decision out of proper consideration forgetting the consequences the poor masses are currently passing through due to the removal of fuel subsidy.”

Ambassador Farounbi further lamented on the state of the nation’s economy, stressing that  consensus negotiation is the only way out to end the impasse between the federal government and the labour union.

He however admonished the youths to make good use of networking to the  betterment of their careers.

The convener of the event, Mr Samuel Adenitan said this is the time for youth to take a bold step in taking their positions in nation building. He urged them to stay away from any form of fraudulent activity that can tarnish their image, but rather concentrate more on their academic pursuits.

Samuel said, “education is the bedrock of development of any society, I want our youth to explore the advantage of  technology and social media in enhancing their skills and professions.”

The Keynote speaker of the event, Engr Bayode Odubanjo also called on the youth to shun any antisocial vices that can affect their future.

He said, “Youth dominate larger percentage of our population and they can succeed if they channel their strength toward achieving their goals and set dreams, there is no doubt that our youth are not lazy, but they need our support, but we also need to always encourage them to always do things in accordance with the rule of law, these are set of people that have the strength, fresh ideas, innovation that can move our country forward and if we give them the needed support and encouragement they will go places and our society will be better place for all and sundry.”

In his remarks, the General Overseer of the Seed of Christ Golden Church Sebioba, Apostle SMO Mustapha, the Chief Host of the event reinstated his believe in the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The clergy man said, “I prayed and prophesied that Tinubu will emerged winner of the Presidential election even before the general elections was conducted but I said it will take him up to six months before Nigerians can begin to see the impact of his leadership because things have gone been so bad in the past, but now it’s not up to that period and people have been criticizing him, but I still have that hope that he will take us to the promise land, all we need is to be calm, be supportive and continue praying for his success in office.”

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