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I Didn’t Collect Money From Bayo Adelabu – Saheed Ajadi

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Saheed Ajadi has debunked collecting money from Bayo Adelabu.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that the hope of Chief Bayo Adelabu becoming the governor of Oyo state may have been faced with a fresh threat as the 2019 governorship candidate of Accord Party, Mr. Saheed Ajadi has hinted that he is prepared to retrieve his gubernatorial candidature back in due time.

Ajadi while briefing journalists in Ibadan debunked collecting money from Chief Bayo Adelabu in exchange of his gubernatorial ticket.

He also maintained that he remained the only legitimate aspirant of Accord as of ‘statutory’ time required by the electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission having duly purchased the INEC nomination forms and Accord expression of interest form.

Ajadi who is professional expertise in accountancy and managerial psychology in a press briefing with journalists insisted that all necessary documents an receipts from the national Secretariat of Accord in Abuja to support his claim have been safely kept.

Ajadi who was responding to a question that bothers on the eventuality that Adelabu emerges winner after the guber polls, maintained that his silence all along was only being confused for cowardice saying everything he does politically is always well planned out and strategically positioned for the appropriate time for execution insisting that the world would know his next line of action on the matter in due time.

While clearing air on a speculation that has been persistent since the emergence of Adelabu as the Accord governorship candidate in the March 11 election that he (Ajadi) was paid to back down on his guber aspiration, Ajadi maintained that he has no knowledge where such speculation emanated from.

He explained that those behind the speculation described as treacherous and laughable have only spread it to drive a narrative in the public domain to suit their self serving agenda insisting that he remains a bonafide member and chieftain of Accord.

“They said that I collected money from Bayo and I want to make it abundantly clear for the sake of emphasis that I never collected a penny from Bayo and I’m saying this authoritatively right here and now that I did not collect anything from Bayo.

“Bayo denied meeting me and he doesn’t know me but he knows Accord. That also floors him as an individual, he wants to be governor of Oyo state and you said you don’t know the person that has been holding up with the party when you were in APC. Anyway, I’m not here to discuss personality issues.

“I’m here to discuss issues that transpired, and like I said to you, you can not shave a man’s head behind him. I have been a member of Accord since 2010, he has been a member of APC and you came three days after the primaries of APC. Even if I don’t have my evidence concerned party authorities have their evidence of what transpired.

“So, this is about intellect not about how deep your pocket is, it’s about how smart you you can be with your intellect. I’m in politics but I’m not a politician, I’m just in politics to change things and the dynamics so that when we leave the stage, the younger generation will know that we have left a formidable legacy for them, that doesn’t make me a politician if you understand my expression properly.” Ajadi stated.

“So, if you say somebody said to you I collected money from Bayo, well, I never collected any penny from Bayo and I am the only one that bought the governorship forms of Accord as of the statory time, so, how am I supposed to ruffle feathers with him, he said I was a coward but I’m not a coward.

“If I was a coward I won’t be here today, everything I do is well planned and strategically positioned for the right time. I don’t just make noise and that’s why I’m here today when it counts to tell you the truth so that you would know who you’re dealing with that I’m not just ambitious, no!.

“I need to let you know that the person you’re dealing with is patriotic, sincere, and knows exactly what he is doing. Going around saying you collected the party flag from Oyajide and that Oyajide was the candidate of the party, the primary question to ask is did Oyajide buy the forms, does INEC has forms purchased by Oyajide?

“So, how could Oyajide have given you the authority to be the candidate of the party, is that no belittling for a man that has served Nigeria? I will not speak to the person of Bayo because he said he doesn’t know me, and we will find out who knows each other in the future.” Ajadi added.

Asked if he was making inferences to a possibility of instituting legal process to pursue his case Ajadi replied, “who knows tomorrow? If you’re asking me to answer you yes or no then we have to wait for tomorrow to come because only God knows tomorrow.”

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