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IBEDC’s customer has lamented over illegal disconnection of power supply of her office.


Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that a frustrated customer of IBEDC, one Mrs. Ayodeni Aluko has condemned the illegal disconnection of power supply from her office and unfair treatment of residents, a customer, identified by the officials of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company IBEDC, Monatan District.

Ayodeni, whose office is located at Adex Bus-stop, Monatan, Iwo road, was disconnected last Thursday without prior notice, and despite paying the sum of N10,000 to process her prepaid meter.

The furious customer noted that such action was flagrantly unfair, and should not have been carried out without any issuance of a notice of disconnection as stipulated by the law governing connection and disconnection of electricity supply in Nigeria.

In her narration, Ayodeni said: “About three months ago, I approached them to request for a personal prepaid meter so as to save myself of any embarrassment.

“One of their officials asked me to pay a sum of N10,000 to prepare the bill and I did. I was hoping that would be all but another IBEDC official came to my office a month after and asked why I have not gotten a meter. I told him that I already had an arrangement with one of their officials and made necessary payment. I even gave him the number of the first contact to confirm and he did. So, he left having confirmed.

“But on Thursday, July 7th, I was at an event in Ogbomoso when my workers in the office called to inform me that IBEDC officials came to disconnect my office. I asked one of my workers to give the official the phone so I can speak with him. In the process of our conversation, he told me it was his Boss in the office who instructed him to disconnect the power supply.

I begged him to just be patient with me till I arrive Ibadan so I can come and settle the issue with them in their office but the official insisted he was going to cut the power as instructed. He climbed the pole and cut the power.

“After this happened, I was angry and called the Headquarters to explain what happened and, surprisingly, the person I spoke with expressed anger at such development, which he said was worrisome and illegal.”

Speaking further, she equally alleged the company of wrongful electricity disconnection of other residents around the Monatan district and called for immediate redress, saying it was becoming unbearable.

“Let me also say that this is the way they have been doing to a lot of customers (residents) around the Monatan district. They threaten to disconnect their electricity without notice. But those who don’t want to be disconnected end up bribing their officials N2,000, N3,000. So, I think this is a habit that must not continue to thrive in our environment,” She concluded.

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