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The Chief Of Defence Staff, (CDS) Major General Christopher Musa has charged all the officers of the Nigerian Army irrespective of their ranks and formations to always be ready to face the war against insurgency.

He also noted that the challenges of insecurity currently battling with the country can be tackled through collective commitment.

Major General Musa in his address at the International Conference Center University of Ibadan on Wednesday during the Lecture held in commemoration of the ongoing  Nigerian Army Day Celebration stressed that Nigerian Army and other armed forces can actually handle the challenges facing the country through collective commitment.

Musa said, “The challenges we are having in Nigeria are challenges we can handle, only if we are committed, and I’m sure we are committed, but we need to also transcend it down to ensure that our troops also have that.”

“We have a challenges with our senior COs, and the warrant officers, most times a job that could be done by RSM you see an officer doing it, by doing so, you’ve taken out the initiatives from them, just allow them to do it, allow them to make mistakes, because they learn more when they make mistakes, but they don’t, if they don’t have the opportunity to do so and this become the problem.”

“So, I want to appeal to everyone here that this is our time, please let us make it count, we have a challenge in Nigeria, we have challenges such as militancy, insurgency and whatever and together if we are committed and determined we will solve this problem and I know that God is on our side.”

“All aspect of our training is to fight war, we have the war ongoing so every officers and soldiers should look forward or should be made to do that, go and participate so that you can have the experience.”

“For those of us in service, this is a golden opportunity for all of us to serve, I know as a junior officer we have been grudging to set so many things that have not been done right well, so now it is our turn to make the change we have been yearning for, we now have the golden opportunity to make the difference, I’m so sure our bosses, commandants here will be very happy seeing us here trying to make the difference, the joy or the prayer of every commander is to produce commanders that are better than them, that means they’re succeeding.” Musa said.

In his advise to the Commanders, the CDS said, “For commanders the importance of the media cannot be overemphasis, we still make the mistake that the media doesn’t matter, the media really matter, of you don’t do that, they will do their stories as they see it, and at the end of the day, it might not be variable  with you and you will start struggling to give your reactions and your own version of the story.”

“Do not shy away from the media, it is very important, let them know what has happened, do not lie, what you don’t know tell them you don’t know, tell them you will go and find out then clarify it, it very important that you do that.” He said.

In his lecture titled, “Optimizing Nigerians Army Administration For Successful Counter Insurgency Operations: Strategic Operations” Major General Adeniyi Oyebade (Rtd) noted that the leadership is the key to successful accomplishment of all human endeavours including CTCOIN.

He said, “the evolving nature of security threats in today’s environment has made it expedient for contemporary leaders to continually think, rethink and initiate plans towards achieving established objectives.”

“In military organisations, achieving set objectives especially during active operational engagements entails careful consideration of different variables including the federating government’s position, logistics or materials requirements and men.” He said.

Highlights of the event was the unveiling of the ECOMOG Compendium titled: “Nigerians Army Participation In ECOMOG Operating And Lessons Learned, a 27 chapter compendium detailing account of Nigerian Army mission to Liberia.

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