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A student of JSAY Prevarsity, in Ibadan Shamsudeen Abubakar, has raised the bar for scoring 1,530 out of 1,600 maximum score in Scholastic Aptitude Test ( SAT) conducted on Dec.2, 2023.

SAT is a standardised test widely used by colleges and universities for admissions and Scholarships decisions into United States, Canada, Australia among others.

Abubakar scored 800 in mathematics which is 99 per cent and 730 in reading and writing which is 96 per cent of the total score.

Briefing newsmen on the successes recorded by the institution, the Director of JSAY Prevarsity, on Thursday Mrs Olajumoke Akere, described the scores obtained by Abubakar as “outstanding and a Top score.”

Akere, an educationist, said the success recorded by the student was as a result of well experienced teachers of the institution.

According to Akere, many of the students that came to study at the JSAY Prevarsity came on the background of national examination whereas SAT was an International examination.

“The format of SAT examination is a bit different from national examination and because we are experts in international examination training and able to help these students to adjust quickly to an international mode of examination most of them turn out excellent performance.”

“What we do basically is that we expose our students to international examinations like Cambridge ‘ A’ level, IGCSE, GRE, TOEFL,IELTS among others and we already understand how that format work.

“We are able to help our students to adjust quickly and many of them succeed,” she said.

Akere however called on government at all levels to invest more in education for Nigerian students to compete favourably with their counterpart in other countries of the world.

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