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#NigeriansDecide:Counting of Votes Commence In Ogbomoso, As Fatai Buhari, Onireti Commend INEC On Transparency At Polling Units
By Our Reporter

Some Nigerians have commended INEC on transparency at polling Units.

Naijanewshub.com.ng reports that the counting of votes has commenced in some polling units visited in Ogbomoso North Local Government axis of Oyo state.

The early arrive of INEC officials and voting materials at some polling units in Ogbomoso area led to early turn out of electorates that casted their votes in peace without any rancour.

Counting of votes is currently ongoing at the Ebenezer Baptist Basic School 1, Oke-Elerin Ward 8; Units 11 and 12, of Ogbomoso North Local Government Area.

Speaking with journalists shortly after casting his vote at the Ibapon Ode Baale Ward 4; Unit 5, the current Senator representing Oyo North Senatorial District, Senator Abdul Fatai Omotayo Buhari commend INEC for the conduct of the elections.

Buhari in his words said, ” So far so good, the biggest problem we have in Nigeria is policy summersault, in the sense that when we are trying something and suddenly we discontinued.”

“I was eager and anxious to vote not because of the main reason of elections but I want to see how that BVAS works, and I was impressed, it took me less than two minutes to vote, they took my PVC for accreditation and access my name, they ticked my name they give it back to me, and I moved to the next table and they cross checked to see if it tally with my name and they give it back to me and I went back to the first table where I was handed over the three ballot papers and I voted for my party which is APC all in less than three minutes.”

“After I have cast my vote, I waited for about four minutes to watch people behind me to see how fast is the process and it was very fast. I’m so happy because the people really turn out, I was initially scared that maybe there is going to be voters apathy due to money issue but I think people have really made up their mind that’s why I said earlier on that if we continue this way it will help in development of the country because developing a nation start with voting, by putting the right people at the right place, at the right positions.” He said.

While asked what will be his reactions after the elections, Buhari said, “I have put everything in the hands of Almighty Allah, have done the needful, I have prayed and I have worked hard, and I believe all these will work for me.”

“Definitely there can be perfect process, there will be plus or minus here and there, that is the reason I talked about policy summersault earlier on, but with consistency we can improve on it, look at what is happening today, I have not gotten any reports that there is crisis due to BVAS but you can see that is going to be an improvement on Osun elections that is how it works.”

“In every elections there is going to be a winner, elections is like a football match, so if you win, you thank God, if you lose you still have to thank God, but I hope I will win, elections is not war, it is like I want to serve, and people said no, so there is no problem about that.” He said.

Hon. Olufemi Oladokun Onireti, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representative Candidate for Ogbomoso North, South, and Oriire Federal Constituency, while speaking with journalists about the ongoing elections at his polling units, in City Hotel Osupa Unit 1 Ogbomoso maintained that the BVAS machines will make it so hard for politicians to rig elections.

He said, “Though I may not be able to give adequate assessment for now, but with the little of what I saw the elections was quite fine, though  people don’t turn out the way we expected it, but it’s fair a little bit.”

“The condition of the country might responsible for low turn out of people and probably people are not encouraged to come out, due to what has been happening in couple of days knowing fully well that some of our people that registered here in Ogbomoso that are living outside the town didn’t showed up due to transport issue caused by scarcity of fuel and non availability of new naira notes.”

“To be honest the BVAS process really made everything to be fast, the first time I got here the machines were not working but when we called the attention of the officials to it in less than few minutes it was rectified and when I was about to cast my vote it took less than three minutes and by God’s grace I will win this election.”

“With this BVAS I must commend INEC because election will be so  hard for people to rig, it is not going to be like the old process, it going to be a clean and clear elections,I think INEC deserve commendation for that.”

“I urge our loyalties, party members  and politicians to accept the outcome of the elections, they should accept the result with sportsmanship spirit, they should know that the main reason why we are here is to bring development to Ogbomoso land, so they should accept it and let’s work together and make Ogbomosoland a better place for us all to live.” Onireti said.

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