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Oyo LGSC Supports, Promotes GSM’s Enviable Vision| By Wale Bodija

It’s so glaring as the rays of the sun that the present administration of the Oyo State Government has made great leaps of success, compared with the past administrations. The myriad of milestones and achievements speak for themselves, and the statistics attests to this.

One of the laudable achievements is the breath of life the administration has breathed into the Local Government Service Commission which used to be in limbo.

The indefatigable Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde has ensured the creation of workers’ friendly environments because he understands that it’s one of the factors that contribute to the unyielding upward growth of a state, and he has proven times without numbers that his administration is for all. He strives tirelessly to ensure the upward growth of the state affects every indigene of Oyo State positively.

Along these lines, the Oyo State Local Government Service Commission has been doing a yeoman job, after it had been in comatose for years under the immediate past administration. After hitting the ground running, the Commission has provided tools for the various cadres to improve on their job effectiveness and efficiency, thereby enhancing easy navigation.

Additionally, it has re instated a periodic review of the schedule of duties of officers, and this is to ensure there’s a proper and accurate evaluation of workers and to ease the process of rewarding the most diligent workers appropriately with the attendant promotions and benefits. To buttress this, in a space of three years (2017 – 2020), 7934 workers have been handed promotions, as a result of being diligent and efficient at work.

To ensure every sector of the government excels, over 2,554 unified workers have been made to undergo intense and efficient training to accentuate their level of productivity.

It’s so pertinent to mention some of the iconic projects the Oyo State Local Government Service Commission has been able to put in place within a couple of years, basically the construction of an ultra-modern secretariat office complex for the Local Government Service Commission and Local Government Staff Pension Board, as well as an ultra-modern 300-seater auditorium!/staff training school, replete with a fully equipped ICT room; purchase of six (6) brand new official vehicles for the chairman, the commissioners and the permanent secretary to enhance their job performances; employment of three (3) Legal Officers to enhance the operational capacity of the Commission based on the approval of the Executive Governor – amongst other impressive feats since the inception of the present administration in the state.

The commitment and diligence of Dr. Remi Ayodele, the Chairman of Oyo State Local Government Commission, towards ensuring the success of the projects have to be lauded, coupled with the keen participation of his commissioners and permanent secretary, can never be overemphasized, because their collective diligence and professionalism are the factors that steer our Pacesetter state towards the right direction.


Akinwale Bodija

Writes From Ibadan, Oyo State.

Email: Bodija21@gmail.com


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